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You’ve dreamed about the thing, you’ve planned the thing, and now you’re about to do the thing. Yes, it’s finally your wedding day. Finding a partner to love may be a sprint, but planning a wedding is a marathon. The good news? You’re about to cross the finish line of said marathon. The even better news? Before your cross the finish line, you get to prepare for the big day with some bridal suite essentials, like your closest friends. (Oh, and champagne before 11 A.M.)

Here’s a hot take: getting ready with your crew in your bridal suite may be the most memorable part of your wedding day. (Well, maybe second to the moment you say, “I do” to the person you’ve decided to commit your life to.) There’s something genuinely magical about getting ready with friends. It’s nostalgic. It’s ritualistic. Is there a more quintessential bonding activity amongst new friends at college than getting ready for a night out together?

And even if you’re not about that “adult sorority” life, it’s worth making your bridal suite an extra special place for the friends and family who have supported you on your journey to the big day. From stress-relievers to convenience factors, here are 10 little details you can add to your bridal suite.

1. An Excellent Beverage Selection

There are three reasons you need to have a wide array of cold beverages on-hand for your bridal party: the first is because hydration is queen. The second is because a little bubbly will certainly get everyone in the spirit. The third is because a little bubbly, plus a little water, plus a Kombucha or Gatorade will help cure the members of your wedding party who are still hurting a little from the night before. Pro-tip: get reusable straws for everyone.

2. A Great Playlist

Here’s the thing, you definitely don’t have time to create an additional, sentimental playlist for you and your closest pals to get ready to. That said, there’s always that one friend who lives to craft the best Spotify playlist for the occasion. Recruit that friend, and take a trip down memory lane. (Vanessa Carlton, anyone?)

3. Phone Chargers

Unless all of your friends are proud owners of the latest iPhones, there’s one guarantee of any wedding day: there will be dead phones. Mitigate the impact by having chargers at the ready for your bridal party. (Especially for those who may not have had the capacity to plug their phones in after the rehearsal dinner.)

4. A Quality Candle

Great smells makes for great moods. Invest in a Nest or Diptyque candle and let yourself relax. Your bridal party will appreciate it, too. Plus, maybe you’ll associate that scent with your wedding day for years to come. (Just remember to blow it out!)

5. A Nespresso Machine

Coffee can be messy. Not everyone wants coffee. Still, some people really need coffee. Nespresso machines are quick, easy, and less likely than a french press to stain anyone’s dress. A worthy amenity. (You could even borrow one from a friend.)

6. Band-Aids

Between shaving, pins on dresses, and general oopsies, having band-aids on hand is a non-negotiable. While they may not seem extra special at first glance, as soon as somebody needs one to cover a cut (or a nipple in a backless dress) they’ll be your saving grace.

7. An Instant Camera

If getting ready with your closest friends is an exercise in nostalgia, there’s no better way to capture the occasion than with an instant camera. Instant cameras are pretty much automatic Instagram filters, so nobody’s going to have a downward spiral about their makeup. Plus, they’re a ton of fun, and work better in daylight than at a wedding reception. Don’t skip on this!

8. All Of The Snacks

Hanger is real, and it has no place at your wedding. To make sure there are no surprise hanger attacks (or otherwise hungry humans) make sure you fill your bridal suite with some healthy snacks. (Or potato chips. Those work too.)

9. Extra Toiletries

From brushing teeth post-espresso to reapplying deodorant, it’s nice to stock your bridal suite with extra toiletries for your wedding party. Razors are great, too. Megababe Thigh Rescue — an anti-chafe stick — will also be highly appreciated by your wedding party.( Especially if you’re having a summer wedding.)

10. Robes

You don’t need to buy your bridal party robes, but having a few on-hand in your bridal suite will be so helpful for any members of the wedding who are shy changing in front of others.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett