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In everyone over the age of 25’s home, there’s a small collection of monogrammed items collecting dust in a corner. Wedding favors are kind gestures of appreciation for the guests who came to celebrate your love, but they can often go unused. (See: The tin jar reading “E & J” that those Jordan almonds came in.) Wedding favor ideas are often also personalized, but not all that personal. Bath salts are pretty cool, but how do they relate to the couple’s love? (You know, unless the couple met at a spa.)

The very best wedding favors are not only specific to the couple, they’re actually useful for the wedding guests. You don’t need an enormous budget to provide something your guests will use, or even just like. While keeping things personal and unique is important, be wary of over-branding your favors with your wedding date or you and your partners’ names. Think: a succulent because you met in Arizona rather than a succulent with a giant logo displaying the who, what, where, and when of your wedding on it. (Not exactly what your guests are going to want to put on display in their homes.) Here are some wedding favor ideas your guests will actually want.

1. A Bottle Opener
Whether you’re trying to open a beer from the cooler at the after-party, or the bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola in your hotel room, bottle openers are incredibly useful, especially while traveling. Bottle openers are always hidden in hotel rooms, and you can never have enough of them at home in the kitchen either.

2. A Donation To Charity
Donate to a charity of your choice in honor of each guest, and give them a cute card (and maybe an additional small treat like a Momofuku cookie) to share your contribution with them.

3. Mini Bottles of Booze
Whether everyone gets a bottle of champagne in their room upon arrival, or you provide cutely packaged mini bottles of margarita ingredients and limes for the after party, everyone loves a little something to take the edge off.

4. Custom Koozies
Koozies are divisive, but if you’re having cans or bottles of beer at your party, people are going to use them. You don’t have to splay your wedding details all over them, you can simply provide a cool palm tree graphic and add your wedding hashtag on the back. Keep it simple!

5. A Weather Care Package
If you’re having a destination wedding in a warm or cool climate, provide some of those oft-forgotten items for your guests. Sunscreen and mini deodorant packages for a hot climate — Megababe has super cute aluminum-free “Rosy Pits” — and if you’re headed to a winter climate, provide mittens, chapstick, and hand warmers.

6. A Mini Succulent
You don’t need to be married in the desert to know that everyone loves a succulent. Put them in tiny pots and your guests will be delighted by the adorableness of it all.

7. Custom Matchbooks
While most personalized items can feel trite, a well designed matchbook is entirely classic. It’s common for people to collect restaurant matchbooks, so they’ll be eager to add yours to their collection. Pick a retro image or recruit a graphic designer friend to help you design your own.

8. Sunglasses
Even if your wedding takes place entirely at night, cheap sunglasses will be a hit. They’re fun on the dance floor, they’re fun in the sun, and they’re especially fun in the sun if your guests are hungover.

9. A Tote Bag
Like a custom matchbook, if you keep the design less “THIS IS OUR WEDDING DATE!”, and more “this is a really cool design on a bag,” canvas tote bags can be useful favors for all of your guests to take home with them.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett