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So you planned a destination bachelorette party somewhere warm, that’s not too expensive to get to, because you’re considerate like that. There’s probably an Airbnb with a pool involved, and you’re obviously going to get your bridesmaids matching bathing suits, because did a bachelorette party even happen if there’s no Instagram in matching outfits? Yass queen, let your basic flag fly! However, you’ve seen the “Team Bride” bridesmaids bathing suits fourteen too many times. Great news: you’re in charge, and there are many other things a custom bathing suit might say.

There are three key rules to picking a great poolside uniform for your bachelorette party. One, choose a flattering bathing suit — most of us would prefer to rock a black suit over a white one, you know? Second, you should be prepared to buy the suits for your posse. Nobody traveling to a destination bachelorette wants to get a Venmo request for $50 the next Monday morning at work. And finally, keep it light when it comes to the slogan you choose to adorn your friends with. Pick something funny — which usually means something brutally honest. Here are some not-Team Bride ideas for your bach.

1. “Here For The ‘Gram”

Because let’s face it, if there’s no group instagram in matching outfits, was there even a bachelorette party?

2. “I Flew Cross-Country For This”

If you’re going all out with the brutally honest bathing suits, make them personal. Give these to your dear friends who truly did fly across the country to make it to your party.

3. “Single And Reminded Of It”

For your single friends who can take a joke, you can acknowledge that weddings are weird for single people with this.

4. “Single & Salty”

If you’re getting your crew of ladies together on or near the ocean for your bachelorette party, “Single & Salty,” has a nice ring to it. Or, if you have women in your bridal party who aren’t single, maybe have everyone in “Salty” bathing suits. Because every bridesmaid being told what to do by a bride is a little bit salty.

5. “Always A Bridesmaid”

This one speaks for itself. Again, this one’s best for good-humored friends.

6. “Probably Drunk”

Your bachelorette party may be the first time your squad takes a tequila shot together in years, so let it be known exactly what state all these ladies were in to agree to put matching suits on.

7. “Future Ms.”

This one is honest, feminist, and generally cute. Your friends might even re-wear this one.

8. “I Flew All The Way To Scottsdale And All I Got Was This Lousy Bathing Suit”

And you can substitute any other random Bachelorette-specific city that you happen to be in.

9. “Nashville, duh.”

Or, “Nashville, where else?” or “Nashville, obviously.” Because Bachville is what that city should really be called.

10. “Help Me, I’m Poor”

A line from Bridesmaids and a very relatable sentiment for any bridesmaid.

11. “Maid of Dishonor”

For your MOH with the wild sensibilities.

12. “I Just Met Most Of These Girls”

The bachelorette party is the first time a lot of your friends from different realms of your life meet each other, and it’s totally fun to call that out on a suit.

13. “BDE”

OK, so this is a reference to the New York Magazine article about “Big Dick Energy” or “BDE.” Shout all of your extremely cool party of friends out with a one-piece suit that reads “BDE.” Very cute.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett