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You know that friend who posts an album of solo shots of herself in a bikini when one photo of her rockin’ bod would suffice? You probably don’t want to be that friend. But when it comes to your wedding, you have every right to post a zillion photos. (Well, actually, you can do whatever you want on Instagram because it’s just a social media app.) Think beyond the anniversary! But hey, if you’re worried about looking self-involved by posting too many pics, all you need is a great excuse to post your wedding photos on Instagram, even if it happens to be two or three months later. (Hot tip: a quippy, self-aware caption doesn’t hurt.)

No shade to vacation- or food- overposters, but wedding photos are really the only “get out of Insta-jail free”-card you have to post full albums of six or more photos of one event more than once. There are plenty of legitimate reasons you’d want to post wedding photos on Instagram for months (years?) after your actual celebration. First off, you definitely look phenomenal in your wedding photos. Second, you want to relive your wedding, because, duh. Third, you probably also want to maximize your return on investment — wedding photographers are the opposite of cheap.

Here are three great — and mostly self-aware — excuses to post your wedding photos on the ‘gram. (Even if you got married when a different U.S. President was in office.)

1. That National Holiday That Incorporates Your Late-Night Wedding Food Situation

There’s nothing like an arbitrary holiday with a title similar to “National First Pet Day,” to generate an excuse to post an Instagram. While you may roll your eyes at these non-holidays, they’re are actually a great excuse to dig up some of your wedding photos — especially those from later in the night. The optimal opportunity for a funny post is a day that celebrates a particular type of food. Is it “National Ice Cream Day?” Did you happen to have an ice cream truck pull up at the end of your wedding? Post away! Is it Taco Tuesday? Time to share that picture of your and your BFFs crushing tacos in your black-tie attire with the ‘gram.

2. A Member Of The Wedding Party’s Birthday

OK, OK. This might miff some of you, but posting a photo of you and your mom looking phenomenal on your mom’s birthday is a guaranteed way to snag some likes. We’re only human! Even if you just post the photo on your story, a friend or family member’s birthday is a great excuse to put those very professional, very good-looking photos of the birthday queen or king — and you — on the ‘gram.

3. The Classic: #ThrowbackThursday

While posting older photos every Thursday has been trending less and less, it’s still a completely legitimate opportunity to put up those candid wedding photos you haven’t shared with friends and family yet. Add a cheeky caption like, “Milking these wedding photos for all their worth, happy #tbt!” and everyone will get it. It’s OK to relive the day!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett