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So you’re throwing a wedding, but you don’t want to drop your entire life savings on one night of partying. Excellent choice. Having a great time is important, but being able to afford to eat non-microwaveable dinners during those first few months of marital bliss is vital. (Plus, you deserve to go on a baller honeymoon, so save some cash for that too.) But let’s be real, you still want to host a magical evening for all of your friends and family. So, how do you do it? Wedding DIY projects, of course.

DIY is the wedding trend du forever that allows crafty and uncrafty couples alike to craft their own decor at a decent price. Making DIY favors or bouquets to give to your guests is also a great way to personalize your wedding even more. There’s something special about knowing the couple had an actual hand in the gift bag you’re greeted by at check in. But there are some couples who are taking DIY projects to the next level. From the unique to the extremely involved, here are the wildest DIY projects from real-life weddings.

1. This Couple Went All Out On Their Save-The-Dates

“To stand out from the dozen other weddings we were attending that year, we wanted to do something really different for our save-the-date, so we spent a weekend creating a half stop-motion/half animated video invitation. We burned it onto DVDs and my husband created a custom DVD holder so we could mail them to our guests. For the invitation itself, he created a fold-out that featured a Lichtenstein painting on all four flaps of the card — and one that also happened to be a mural in our first apartment together. We even made sure to get romance cartoon stamps for the envelopes.”

2. This Couple Crafted A Clever Cheese Plate

“I think people enjoyed the cheese table most — it had something old, something new, something funky something blue.”

3. This Groom Decided To Create A Ring From A Plastic Milk Bottle

“[When] Luke W. came to me and my team with a design for an interlocking ring he wasn’t sure how to communicate his design to us…. so he made a “model” of the ring using a plastic he’d cut out from a milk bottle. Rather than try and explain, I’m going to let you scroll through the photos to see the process and see how we helped give Luke a one-of-a-kind unique engagement ring he designed himself with plastic parts from a milk bottle and a red sharpie.”
Dan Moran, [Concierge Diamonds](

4. This Bride Created A Boob-Sweat Remedy For Her Gals

“It was super hot and humid and there would be dancing so I got a bunch of super absorbent maxi-pads and sewed them together to fit inside the different girls' bustier cups and underwires. It was a pain in the butt but a smash hit!”
Dawn Hunter, Founder of [Swoobie](

Written by: Kimmy Foskett