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What do Disney princesses wear? Dresses. Real-life princesses? Dresses. (Shout out to Kate and Meghan). Brides in movies? Dresses. From a young age, female and femme-identifying women are taught to associate fancy dresses with special occassions. Dresses are obviously the standard attire du wedding jour — the most special occasion of all for some women. Traditionally, a white dress is the standard attire for a woman on her wedding day. It’s virginal, it’s feminine, and in 2018, it’s even a little bit old fashioned. Lucky for non-traditional brides, there are jaw-dropping wedding dress alternatives out there.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with selecting a formal white dress for your big day — wanting a classic, feminine look is perfectly normal — there are dress alternatives out there worth considering. If you’re the type of person who hates dressing up and never wears dresses, there’s no reason you should feel obligated to wear a big poofy gown on your wedding day. And even if you do love dresses, you may want to change things up a bit.

The most important thing about choosing your wedding day attire is that you choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. And of course, it can be nice to feel a little bit fancy, too. For all of the nontraditional brides out there, here are some alternative attire ideas.

1. The Jumpsuit
A modern jumpsuit is a perfect choice for a less formal backyard wedding, or as a more dance-friendly option for your reception. Jumpsuits are cool, flattering, and incredibly trendy. The only downside? Going to the bathroom involves getting entirely naked, but most bridal gowns require a second set of hands to hold your dress away from the toilet anyway. Jumpsuits are perfect for the bride who wants to, well, jump around!

2. The Crop Top
When I say crop top, you are probably having two major and immediate concerns: “What will Grandma think?” and “Aren’t these a little bit tired?” The way to do the two-piece wedding gown properly is to choose a dress with an appropriate — which just means, not egregious — amount of skin showing, and to be sure that your wedding is being held in an equally easy, breezy location. Think beach weddings, summer barn weddings, and more. And at the end of the day, it’s your wedding. If you’re comfortable showing a little skin, who cares what anyone else thinks!

3. The Pantsuit
Classic, bold, and powerful. There’s nothing like wearing a pantsuit to make a bride feel like she’s making the exact right investment with her heart. Perfect for a City Hall wedding or a larger, modern affair, white pantsuits are the new black.

4. The Pop of Color
Don’t be afraid to wear something outside of the white family on your wedding day — breaking with tradition is a blast. Let’s face it, most of people wouldn’t say that white is “their color.” Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous. A bright crimson can work as a brilliant pop of color at a summer wedding, and deep blue is the perfect compliment to a minimal winter wedding. Colors are memorable.

5. The Print
Similar to the idea of adding a pop of color to your wedding, find a gorgeous gown with a floral print can be the perfect way to be inventive with your choice of attire. Perfect for romantic garden weddings and summertime ceremonies, bridal prints are pretty, just like you.