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The easiest way to ensure an event runs smoothly is to have all of the transportation logistics organized. The easiest way to ensure an event runs smoothly and feels like a party is to have really unique and fun transportation in place. Yes, we’re talking about your wedding day. Having some organized fun in a moving vehicle with your partner and your wedding party could end up being one of the most memorable parts of your nuptials. All you really need is a coach bus, but there are so many other wedding transportation ideas out there you should consider before making a final decision.

There are a few key things to consider as consider what the optimal transportation for your wedding party will be. First, is your wedding party ready to party? If yes, make sure you confirm a mode of transportation that allows booze, bumping tunes, and light debauchery. Second, where are you getting married? If your wedding is in the Dominican Republic at Casa de Campo, golf carts are the move. If you’re getting married somewhere historical, you can consider older cars, too. Third, how much do you want to spend? A joy ride can be a blast, but it can also get pretty expensive. Here are five transportation ideas to check out.

1. A Stretch Limo

While a limo is definitely not the most unique option for wedding travel, it is the most classic. Choosing a tacky old-school limo complete with ice buckets and a car phone could be a fun vibe for a boho wedding, or a stretch Range Rover could be perfect for your metropolitan nuptials. There are so many options, and they’re all going to remind you of prom. Good for a crew who wants to party.

2. Antique Cars

If you have money to spend on a few antique cars for a smaller wedding party, these can be a super fun way to get from the ceremony to the reception. Just make sure no one is too concerned about how their hair looks if you’re renting a convertible. (And hire drivers if anyone is drinking!)

3. Golf Carts

If you’re getting married at a resort or on a rural farm, consider decking out some golf carts with wedding paraphernalia and hiring your teenage cousins to drive you and your wedding party around your wedding’s “campus” for the day.

4. A Sailboat

Or really, any type of boat. If you’re getting married near a body a water and there’s a way for you and your wedding party to roll up to the wedding on a boat, do it. You’ll look cool and everyone will have a good time toasting you on the water on the way over.

5. A Trolley Car

Trolleys are easy to rent out for weddings, and somehow feel more appropriate for the occasion than a party bus. (It could be the lack of neon purple lights on trolleys.) This is a great mode of transportation for a large group who wants to sip on some beers between the ceremony and reception.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett