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There’s nothing better than watching TV shows about weddings when you’re actually getting married. Plus, let’s be real, Netflix is a great way to wind down from your planning responsibilities when you’re starting to stress out. (Actually, Netflix is a great way to wind down from anything at all.) The best wedding shows are usually unscripted, sometimes truly helpful in wedding planning, and always entertaining.

The only downside to the quantity of the streaming TV out we all have access to these days is that it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. What wedding shows are out there? Is Say Yes To The Dress still a thing? Where can you find it if you don’t have cable? Whether you’re looking for a guilty pleasure show or a romantic love story, it’s out there. We’ve got you covered with this guide that breaks each wedding show down so that you can find the perfect partner (in television).

1. Say Yes To The Dress
Where to watch: TLC, Hulu, Amazon

A classic that keeps getting better with age, check out Say Yes To The Dress when you’re about to start to dress search. Even if you’re not going to be shopping at Kleinfeld yourself, watching this show will give you ideas about fit, style, and general wedding dress cost to help you on your own journey. Be sure to check out the Atlanta spin-off, too! Fair warning: it’s addictive.

2. Four Weddings
Where to watch: TLC, Hulu, Amazon

Four couples attend each others’ weddings and rate them — a premise that obviously makes for excellent television. It’s also a premise that will give you some insight into how other people value different things at weddings. Also highly bingeable.

3. Marriage Boot Camp
Where to watch: WEtv

This is a great show even if you’re not getting married yet, as it follows around real-life couples as they attempt to fix their relationships — married or dating — by completing different tasks together. It’s reality TV, so of course, things get pretty interesting. Full of other peoples’ relationship drama, it’s a great way to blow off some steam.

4. Married At First Sight
Where to watch: Lifetime

Married At First Sight has a wild premise: two strangers are paired up by specialists and don’t meet until their wedding day. So juicy, and not at all what you and your partner are doing, but incredibly intriguing. Pull up a seat and pop popcorn for this one.

5. Wedding Season
Where to watch: Hulu

Wedding Season is a Buzzfeed documentary that follows brides to be as they go prepare for their big days. Less juicy than the other shows on this list, but a great way to see what other brides actually do to prep for their wedding. Worth a view.

6. Cheapest Weddings
Where to watch: Netflix

If you’re looking to binge a wedding show this weekend, this Netflix show is for you. This show is all about finding out if a couple can actually throw a decent wedding on a tiny budget. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. Oh yes, and the show takes place in Australia, so the accents are an added bonus.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett