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“Wedding planning is like a full-time job.” Bet you’ve never heard that one… kidding! If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve definitely heard that saying before. But why is it such a common sentiment? Because it’s true. Wedding planning is a lot. (And to be fair, wedding planning is an actual full-time job for some people.) At a certain point, you and your partner might feel like the only things you talk about anymore are flowers, typeface, and whether having a signature cocktail is cheesy or adorable. The good news: there are things to do with your partner that don’t involve wedding planning.

If you’re so deep in the weeds of wedding planning that you entirely forgot what you and your partner used to do to have fun, you’re not losing it, you’re just busy — promise. It’s easy to forget that your engagement is supposed to be a time when you and your partner get to enjoy each other’s company. (And no, hunting for wedding venues on time does not equal enjoying each other’s company.) It’s important to remember that your engagement get excited about your entire future together. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, so take a load off by doing one of these activities with your partner.

1. Go On A Hike Together


There’s nothing like venturing out into nature with your sweetie to clear your mind. It’ll just be you, bae, and the trees, so you’ll be able to spend some quality time together. Pack a picnic lunch and a Swell bottle full of Sauvignon Blanc, and you’ve planned yourselves quite the afternoon.

2. Dedicate A Night To Cooking Dinner Together


Whether you’re breaking out the cookbooks or just ordering from Blue Apron, cooking with your partner is a nice way for you both to relax. The home cooked meal at the end of the evening isn’t so bad either. Even better? Make cooking together a weekly date.

3. Plan A Road Trip


What’s the equivalent of a babymoon for a wedding? An event-moon? An early honeymoon? Either way, it might be nice to plan a budget-friendly trip to a brewery or arts museum you’ve been meaning to check out. This is especially nice if you live in a busy city and are looking for a break.

4. Go Grab Drinks Together


This may seem pretty basic, but when’s the last time you and your partner went out for a proper date? Try to pick a spot with stellar cocktails, like a Tiki drink spot. It’s fun to recreate the memory of your third date when your partner got too drunk off margaritas and told you they wanted to marry you someday, am I right?

5. Redecorate Your Living Space Together


The months leading up to your wedding are probably not the most ideal for redesigning your apartment or home — furniture and decor cost money, and you’re spending plenty on your wedding already. However, there’s no reason you can’t do some rearranging and DIY projects, or even just do some spring cleaning together. Heading into your new married life with your feng shui on point is a great move.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett