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Here’s a less-than-hot take: your wedding day is going to go by in the blink of an eye. But you already know that. While we’re at it, here are some additional reminders of things that you definitely are already aware of: the day is going to be a whirlwind, you’re not going to remember the words of everyone you speak to, and you’re going to feel overwhelmed by love from family and friends. All of this is to say you MUST have a guest book. Not into the classic book? Totally fine. There is an abundance of guest book alternatives out there.

Yes, you are in the midst of many larger details when planning your wedding, but a solid guest book will bring you back to your special day in the years to come, so choose wisely. There are a few things to consider when thinking about which guest book alternative you’d like to collect warm wishes from your respective crews on. First, what’s the overall theme of your wedding? Nautical? Go for a buoy or an oar that everyone can sign. Then, think about what might be personal to you and your partner. Are you both big into board games? Turn those Jenga blocks into special notes you can read down the road. Here are five more unique guest book alternative ideas for you to consider.


1. A Cookbook

Is there a cookbook filled with recipes local to the place you are getting married in? Or even just a cookbook you and your partner both love to cook out of? Have guests sign a page each, and you’ll be reminded of their support and love each time you open the book up in your kitchen.


2. A Record

If you’re a music loving pair, consider having guests sign an old record by an artist who’s special to you and your sweetie. These records can be easily displayed in frames, or you can keep them in with the rest of your collection for a surprise every once in a while.


3. A Puzzle

You can either buy a blank puzzle from your local arts and craft store and have each guest sign a piece, or you can have your guests personalize the backsides of the pieces from a puzzle that displays something particularly special to your day. Consider a puzzle of the city you’re getting married in


4. The Mat Of A Framed Photo

A great alternative to the traditional wedding guest book is to get a frame with some decently sized matting on the inside of it. Have your guests sign the frame, and then fill it with a photo from your wedding day.


5. The Back Of An Instant Photo

If you’re looking for an interactive alternative to the traditional guest book, consider investing in some instant cameras for your guests to use. Give them some instructions like, “One for you and one for us, too!” and have them write a sweet note on the back to leave for you and your partner. Fun and functional!