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“It’s wedding season,” translates to, “It’s summer!” for most of us. Summer and weddings are a classic pair — the weather is warm, work schedules are light, and people are eager to travel on the weekends. But sometimes it’s nice to do something a bit different. (No shade to June, July, or August.) Cue: the winter wedding. A winter wedding makes for stunning pictures, a unique palette, and a healthier bank account. Plus, guests will be excited for a random weekend getaway. The season is magical, and winter wedding theme ideas are equally enchanting.

Before you cry “uninspired,” at the idea of a winter wedding, make sure you’re thinking of the right part of winter. Forget that late March snow that makes you wish for global warming, and picture the of the very first snow of the year instead. Every year, no matter how old I get, when those first flakes hit the ground I become a child again. Plus, there are mittens! And fireplaces! And delicious hot beverages! Wintertime is undeniably nostalgic and cozy. It’s the season equivalent of a snuggle, and who doesn’t want their wedding to feel like a snuggle? Here are five wedding theme ideas for your very cool winter wedding.


1. The Ski Lodge
You need not have ever worn ski boots in your life to throw a slope-inspired party. Winter weekend getaways to the mountains are highly underrated. Whether you’re getting married near an actual ski mountain, or just in a rustic venue, here’s the theme of your wedding: blankets, booze, and fireplaces. Consider a hot chocolate bar, cedar centerpieces, and wool mittens favors to complete the lodge feel.


2. The White Out
The most aesthetically pleasing part of winter is inarguably the freshly fallen snow. Take a page from Mother Nature’s book and turn your wedding into a winter wonderland by making your theme “winter white.” From your dress (obviously) to the tablecloths to the flowers — and maybe even bridesmaids’ dresses — a white wedding is classic, elegant, and perfect for photographs.


3. The Evergreen Affair
You could get married on a Christmas tree farm, or you could just add little touches of pine and fir to your table decor. If your wedding falls in December, it can be nice to pay homage to the season of cutting down trees and bringing them inside. Twinkle lights and pinecone place card holders are sweet touches as well.


4. The Desert Escape
Having a winter wedding someplace warm? Congratulations, you just became all of your guests’ favorite commitment this year. Whether you’re tying the knot in Palm Springs or more humid Florida, a Southwestern theme is equal parts cozy and cool. This colorful blankets for when the sun goes down, and succulents on each table. A minimalist vibe with pops of bright pink or yellow can be just the cure for the winter blues. Margaritas are a must.


5. The Gothic Grandeur
Let’s get real for a moment: winter is a harsh season. Why not lean into the severe nature of winter and throw a gothic-themed wedding? If you had plans to marry in a large Cathedral, you’re already halfway there. Add velvet touches and faux-sheepskin rugs to a stone venue and deep purple or indigo flowers to enhance the drama.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett