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Like the ocean, Instagram is simultaneously a beautiful and frightening place. Stumble upon it on a good day, and you’ll find a majestic new world of visually pleasing and mentally soothing content. Peruse it on a bad day, and you’ll end up stranded in the choppy waters of bad memes and exes. Well, here’s the good news — you’re planning a wedding, so none of that noise matters anymore. Instagram is an excellent tool for you to use as you being to plan your wedding. Speaking of planning, what better place to start your own journey of wedding-inspo than with some actual wedding planner Instagram accounts.

There are plenty of florists, makeup artists, and venues for you to follow out there, but trying to piece together a bunch of different details can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re working off of Instagram. You want your wedding to feel cohesive in its design. Why wouldn’t you start by following the accounts of the people who know exactly how to design a wedding and make it look beyond magical, from the very start to the final details? Here are five of the top wedding planners to follow on Instagram for inspiration right now.

1. @sinclairandmoore

Steve Moore is a renowned wedding planner whose account sticks to a beautiful brand with muted tones and simple design elements. As an added touch, he includes many pictures with his own family. He also includes some perfect peonies and other floral touches in standalone grams. Check him out now.

2. @rafanellievents

Hosting a larger wedding, or just one with a grandiose landscape or venue? Rafanelli Events is the account you’ll want to follow. This page provides big-picture, practical looks at the range of looks receptions can have. From chairs and tables to the backdrop, you’ll start to get a feel for the type of wedding you might like to have.

3. @jacinfitzgerald

Jacin Fitzgerald Events has another Instagram you simply can’t miss. The focus on gorgeous details of the epic destination weddings the team plans are interspersed with pictures of real couples, which is simply adorable. Outdoor weddings are their specialty, and Southern weddings, New England weddings, and Napa weddings are heavily featured on the account.

4. @lauriearons

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Laurie Arons has an account that you need to follow if you’re looking to see the different range of looks a wedding can have, depending on its setting. From gorgeous outdoor California weddings to more cosmopolitan fetes, be sure to check Arons’ account out for inspiration, especially if you’re still deciding on location.

5. @bashplease

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If you’re looking for a wedding planner to follow whose posts would delight you if you came across them on your feed while you were single, look no further than Bash Please. This full service creative event production company’s account is perfect for inspiration because it features posts that focus on details of the weddings it features, as well as the look of those weddings as a whole. A supreme follow!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett