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Cocktail hour is everybody’s favorite part of a wedding. (Well, perhaps that is an overstatement, as people seem to really love the dance floor too.) It’s the start of the celebratory portion of the wedding. It’s a moment for your guests to let loose and socialize — everyone said, “I do!” No one tripped walking down the aisle! Hurray! Cocktail hour is a moment to breathe, snack, and most importantly, drink. If you really want to delight your thirsty guests, we’ve got you covered. There are so many creative ways to serve drinks at your cocktail hour.

Whether your guests are big beer fans and you’d like to get some unique taps flowing, or if you just want a fun cup for your signature cocktails to be served in, we’re serving up 11 creative ideas for cocktail hour right now.

1. Tiki Cups

Tiki bars are wildly popular these days, and there’s no doubt that it has something to do with the glassware traditionally associated with tiki drinks. Whether you want your guests to be drinking Mai Tais out of pineapple shaped cups, or want to go full tiki by serving Singapore Slings in ceramic tiki tumblers, this is a delightful way to get a party started. (You just might want to ask your servers to watch how many of these your guests are drinking. Tiki drinks pack a punch,)

2. A DIY Frozen Margarita Machine

There’s something incredibly satisfying about pushing down on a lever and serving yourself a frothy, frozen drink. There’s something even more satisfying about that experience when the drink you’re serving yourself is a margarita. Having a pour-your-own drink station can also help your bartenders out with lines at the beginning of cocktail hour.

3. A Boat Full Of Beers

Having a seaside wedding? Consider filling an old row boat or canoe with ice and beers. It’s a great look, and it allows your guests to grab what they want without waiting in line. Plus, the beers will stay really cold.

4. A Traveling Martini Cart

Really want to go all out for your wedding? Have bartenders travel around the cocktail hour with carts filled with martini fixings. Guests can choose whether they want vodka or gin, and then choose olives or a twist from there. Perfect for a high class affair.

5. A Lemonade Stand

Whether you spike your lemonades or keep them virgin, having a literal lemonade stand at an outdoor cocktail hour is an adorable touch. Consider serving up different types of summer beverages, like iced tea or limeade, as well.

6. A Tequila Shot Placecard

If you’re having an adults-only party, and your friends are the type who like tequila, consider having a tiny tequila shot and lime placed on a table with each person’s place card. The idea is that they take a shot, then find their table! If you’re getting married in Mexico, this is a nonnegotiable. Cheers!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett