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A destination wedding is a very specific type of wedding. First, having a destination wedding means a lot more planning on your part. From travel logistics to communicating with vendors from afar, a destination wedding puts a lot on your plate. But don’t worry — you’ve got this! A destination wedding also means a lot more planning on the part of your guests. Travel, taking off of work, and hotels are all part of the mix for them too. The best way to greet them upon arrival? A destination wedding welcome bag full of destination-specific treats for your family and friends to enjoy.

Whether you’re asking your guests to travel to a beach in Mexico or a rural farm in Vermont, if your guests are headed out of their way for your celebration, it’s nice to show them how much you appreciate it. From those often forgotten toiletries to little bottles of booze to get the party started, there are so many different ideas for tokens your guests will like and actually find useful. Here are some of the best wedding welcome bag ideas you can include in order to say, “Welcome and thank you!” to your guests at your destination celebration.

1. Sunscreen

Getting married somewhere warm and sunny? Include a sunscreen for those guests traveling in from colder climates who may forget it. It’s practical — you won’t see a bunch of fried faces in your wedding photos. It’s also a way to remind your guests that there are pools and beaches they can check out. And don’t forget the lip balm with sunscreen!

2. A Bottle Of Booze

Yes, there will be plenty of drinking to come, but sometimes all a person wants after a long flight is a glass of wine in their hotel room. Provide mini bottles of rose, or maybe even a miniature Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail kit for your guests to indulge in. After all, it’s a party!

3. The Weekend Itinerary

Include a little itinerary with a map for all of the weekend’s events in your welcome bag. Guests will appreciate a paper copy of all of the events, and a map can help them get situated in their new location.

4. A Restaurant Guide

A great move is also to include a small restaurant and bar guide for your traveling guests. Give them some options, especially if many of them are staying for more than just one weekend. Pro tip: include at least one late-night food spot.

5. A Local Food Item

Speaking of eating, guests will appreciate a snack to keep in their room. Choose something specific to the area you’re getting married in, and include it in your welcome bags. Whether that’s salt water taffy, or a particular brand of pretzels made in town, guests will love this treat.

6. Water Bottles

Traveling is dehydrating and hotel water can get expensive. It’s simple, but it’s a must — include water bottles in your welcome bags, everyone will appreciate the gesture. (And more people will make it to your 10 A.M. post-wedding brunch sans hangover!)

Written by: Kimmy Foskett