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Registering for wedding gifts might seem like a free-for-all. “I’ve always wanted a Mont Blanc pen, do I finally get to ask for one?” (No.) There’s a fine line between registering for items that will help you and your partner establish your new home together, and just seeming greedy. (Especially because nowadays, most engaged couples are already living together, and sometimes already own a home full of items.) There are some items you shouldn’t put on your wedding registry, no matter what.

Take the example of the Mont Blanc pen, for example. It’s obviously a very nice gift to give another person, and if you receive one from a guest, that would be totally fine. But it’s not necessarily something you and your partner will actually need or use in your new life together. It can be hard to tell what’s OK and what’s not OK to ask for via your registry, but don’t sweat it. Lovepop Weddings has created a list of six things you should never put on your wedding registry. It’s just not worth the awkwardness. Here are the “no-no”s.

1. Any Apple Product

Your wedding is not exactly the time to ask for the new iPhone XS, a Macbook Pro, or an Apple watch. Those are great gifts to give at birthdays or at Christmas, but they’re not the sort of things you need to be asking your wedding guests for.

2. Clothing And Jewelry

The key to wedding registries is that they are supposed to be full of gifts for both you and your partner. Any personal items like clothing or jewelry will make your guests feel like you’re asking them to fund your life. Don’t treat your friends and family like Santa Claus.

3. Furniture

Beyond a bar cart, furniture should be left off of your registry. Again, while small kitchen appliances are OK, your guests should not feel like they are furnishing your home. Plus, furniture tends to be pretty expensive.

4. Small Items You Could Purchase Yourself

While it’s nice to include affordable items on your registry for guests, putting a small standing makeup mirror or oven mitts on your registry can be a bit awkward. Things that cost under $20 are likely things you can afford on your own, and they’re not likely to be things your guests will feel excited about giving you. Your guests want to get you something with a little more meaning than a lemon squeezer.

5. A Gravy Boat

Because let’s be real, are you really going to use one of these? Don’t succumb to registering for items just because you think you’re supposed to. Fine china is another one of these.

6. Cash

While cash isn’t technically a registry item, don’t ask for cash or gift certificates directly. It’s tacky, plain and simple. However, it’s totally fine to suggest to your guests that you’d prefer cash over registering for items. All you have to do is set up a honeymoon fund. You can also set up a small registry. The rest of the guests will get the idea, and more traditional guests can still purchase something for you via the registry. The key to wedding gifts is to be as humble as possible. Happy registering!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett