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So you’re engaged, congratulations! You’re so deep into your engagement you’re transformed from a blissful, glowing goddess with a shiny left ring finger to an exhausted, overwhelmed troll-like creature whose dreams are filled with spreadsheets and catering nightmares. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but if you’re in the thick of it, you get the jist. Wedding planning stress is very real, and there are ways to overcome it.

Here’s some very good news: if you’re reading this article, you at the very least recognize that you are super stressed, and the recognition of your stress is the first step to mitigating it. Your wedding is undoubtedly a lot of work, and you have to put in an enormous amount of time to plan it.

Your friends and family could remind you that your celebration should be about love and joy 100 more times, but the fact is that there will be no love or joy if there’s no food at your wedding, you know? The logistics of wedding planning are vital to actually making it to the actual day. But in the meantime, here are some feasible, simply ways to destress during wedding planning. Time to chill.

1. Yoga Every Damn Day

OK, so maybe not every day, but yoga is a great form of exercise that also promotes breathing and being patient with oneself. Any vinyasa class will force you to try new poses and not beat yourself up if they don’t go as planned — the same way you shouldn’t beat yourself up because your favorite photographer is unavailable. Try a restorative class.

2. Plan An Adventure

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning, you’re probably thinking that planning another trip is a terrible idea. But what about a short road trip to a cool brewery with your partner? Or just a trip to a new neighborhood in your city for those soup dumplings you’ve always wanted to try? Get away from the thing that’s making you stressed for a bit.

3. Treat Yourself

Whether you’re into massages, manicures, movies, or some combination of all the above, take an afternoon to spend a little something on yourself. Again, this can feel counterintuitive when you’re planning a very expensive wedding, but it will make you feel much more relaxed. Promise.

4. Do The Thing That’s Stressing You Out

Checklists and spreadsheets can be overwhelming for some, but incredibly empowering for others. Try to set reasonable goals for yourself, like organizing catering by next week, or scheduling a call with a cake baker by tomorrow, so that you can cross things off of your to-do lists and feel productive. Bullet journaling is also a fun way of embracing the list.

5. Call Your Girlfriend

Or your mom. Or your dad. Or hey, even your therapist. Sometimes the best way to destress is to simply state the things that are stressing you out. Talking things out can do wonders. (Just remember to ask your friend how their life is going, too!)

6. Embrace The Stress

You know what’s really cool about the fact that you’re stressed about your wedding? It means that you’re excited. Anxiety is just another form of excitement, so try to remind yourself of that. The planning will get done, so remember there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Cheers.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett