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If you’re a pet owner who recently got engaged, it’s very possible that your pup has been in your life for a longer period of time than your partner. Since furry friends are family too, you may be wondering how to make sure your dog, cat, bird, or even fish can be a part of your wedding celebrations. Sorry, cat owners: having a live pet at your wedding is easiest if your pet is a dog. Having a cockatiel squawking around your wedding isn’t ideal either. But you can still include your pet in your wedding with little homages through photos and decor.

If you are a dog owner, you might also want to consider a few things before committing to having your pet in your wedding. Are any guests allergic? Do you own an Australian shepherd full of energy that’s likely to become impatient? Also, who’s going to watch your canine friend or get them home when the celebrations start? Logistics are important when animals are involved.

Whether you’re committed to having your beloved pet in the wedding party, or you just want to give a little shout out to your animal friend, here are seven ways to include your pet in your wedding day.

1. Pop A Bowtie On Them For Some Great Pictures

Even if you’re not a fan of putting pets in costumes, your wedding should be the exception. Put your pet in a bowtie and invite them to take pictures with you and your partner before the celebrations begin.

2. Put Their Adorable Face On The Napkins At Cocktail Hour

A silhouette print of your sweet pet at cocktail hour is a perfect way to pay homage to the other member of your family if your pet isn’t the type to do well at your wedding. It’s a small detail, but will delight your guests.

3. Give Them A Flower Crown And Invite Them To The Bridal Suite

If you want photos with your pet, but you’re worried about your German Shepherd getting entangled with your dresses and accidentally causing a rip, you’re better off having them visit you in your bridal suite. While you’re still in your robe, have a visit from your dog or cat to take some getting ready photos.

4. Make Them A Substitute Ring Bearer

Have a superbly trained dog? Go for the classic “put a pillow holding the rings on your pup’s back and have a treat waiting for them” move. This is also super convenient if you’re not planning on having any children at your ceremony.

5. Put Them On Your Save-The-Dates

What better way to announce your engagement than by taking sweet photos with your pet? Much easier to coordinate than actual wedding photos, including your pet on your save-the-date is ideal.

6. Let Them Walk You Down The Aisle

Not going the traditional route with your wedding? Switch roles with your pup for a day and have them walk you down the aisle. All you need is a festive leash.

7. Add Them To Your Cake Topper

If you’re planning to have a cake topper featuring you and your partner — or, you know, some generic figurine versions of you — add your pet to the mix. It’s an adorable touch.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett