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Recently engaged? Congratulations! You’re probably bursting with feels. You’re also probably eager to share the bit news with your family, friends, and entire social media following. (It’s OK. It’s 2018, and most of us share ‘grams of our breakfast sandwiches on the regular.) Once you’ve phoned home and texted your BFFs, it’s time to think about how to tell everyone else. You could share an Instagram post of your ring in Portrait mode, or go for the classic paper announcement delivered via snail mail, but there are so many other unique engagement announcement ideas you should consider as well.

The best way to decide on a unique engagement announcement? Make it unique to you and your partner. Marrying a pilot? Send little paper airplane announcements. Did you meet somewhere bizarre, like a burlesque show at a trendy little bar? See if you can go back and take pictures. And don’t be afraid to simply share a photo from your actual engagement — people love to see the emotions you and your partner felt in the moment. The most delightful engagement announcements are going to be simple and sweet. Here are 7 ideas for how to be creative when considering how you’re going to announce your new commitment with the whole wide world!

1. Add A Twist To The Hand Holding Photo

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We’ve all seen engagement announcements featuring intertwined hands and a shiny new ring, but you can be just a bit more creative. Remember the “#FollowMeTo” Instagram trend of partners holding each others’ hands, as one partner walked away from the camera? Do one of those, just make sure the ring is in view. Subtle and sweet.

2. Share An Engagement Collage

Have photos from the actual engagement? Make a collage of the candid moments that you can mail, send via email, or post it on Instagram. Super simple, but incredibly intimate.

3. Have A Photobooth Moment


This idea for a save-the-date is also very possible as an engagement announcement. All you need is a photobooth, your partner, and some good timing. Research local bars to see if any of them have a photobooth you can use.

4. Get A Pet Involved

If you and your partner have a pet together, it’s very sweet to include them in your announcement. Just make sure Wags doesn’t mistake the ring for a treat!

5. Share A Little Illustration Of Yourselves

Whether you use Bitmoji or ask an artist friend to come up with a little drawing of you and your partner, an illustration announcement is be a great way for couples who feel shy about posting photos on Instagram to share the big news.

6. Draw On Your Fingers

This particular photo of bride and groom faces on each finger is beyond cute. It’s also a nice way to include your ring in the photo, without seeming showy.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett