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So it’s the morning after your wedding, and you and your partner are fully blissed out. You did the thing, and now you get to relax. There’s a good chance you want to see your family and friends one more time before they disperse. Cue the post-wedding brunch — a somewhat divisive event. Some guests will want to leave the moment they wake up post-wedding, and other guests will be too hungover to stomach a cup of coffee, but if you and you partner want to host a brunch, you absolutely should. Time for some wedding brunch ideas that will make all of your guests want to stick around.

Hosting a great brunch the morning after your wedding is easier than you think. All you need is a solid food spread, an easy commute for your guests, and at least one breakfast cocktail on the menu. (Coffee goes without saying.) Here are seven brunch ideas to make your sure the guests who do want to stick have a great time (and a full stomach).

1. Serve Chicken-n-Waffles

No guest is going to turn down the opportunity to eat fried chicken with waffles, hungover or not. In fact, no guest is going to turn down the opportunity to eat waffles by themselves, either. Or fried chicken! The point here is that providing a greasy option for your guests is a great way to make them happy.

2. Set Up A Bloody Mary Bar

Your guests will appreciate the chance to take the hair of the dog approach to surviving the day after your epic open bar. Setting up a DIY bloody mary bar with all of the accoutrements from olives to pickles to jumbo shrimp allows your guests to create the cocktail they actually want, and have fun while they’re at it.

3. Take Over A Diner

There’s nothing like going to a diner with family and friends if you want to get nostalgic. Call around to some local diners in the vicinity of your wedding to see if they’d be open to you renting the place out for an hour, or if you could take over some booths in the back. A great low-key idea for smaller weddings.

4. Hire Some Baristas

Setting up a coffee bar with some actual baristas is a great move, especially at an outdoor brunch. Your guests will be delighted to learn that they can order more than just a drip coffee after the wedding.

5. Dozens Of Donuts

Donut forget how much people love donuts! Having a table stacked with donuts will keep your older and younger guests incredibly happy. Plus, donuts are easy to snag for guests who have to take off early.

6. Have A Bagels And Lox Spread

A traditional New York delicatessen breakfast spread is perfect post-wedding. If there’s a great bagel spot in town, order from them the morning of to maximize freshness. (Don’t forget the cream cheese, capers, lox, whitefish salad, and pickles!)

7. Go To A Brewery

Instead of heading to your hotel’s conference room or a restaurant in town, why not organize a later post-wedding brunch somewhere like a brewery that serves food. This allows guests who are staying in town a bit longer to celebrate with you and your partner.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett