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No matter how meticulously you’ve planned your wedding, there will inevitably be one snafu on your big day that you didn’t see coming. Here’s a true story from a friend of Lovepop Weddings. Four hours before a wedding in Vermont, the power went out at the hotel where the reception was being held and where all of the guests. Thought about curling your hair before the big event? Not anymore. When it comes to weddings, Murphy’s law holds. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” so buckle up. But before you spiral, remember that wedding disaster solutions really exist, and they’re not all that complicated. Promise!

As for the power outage wedding disaster? The bride remained calm, the guests all got ready in another hotel’s giant lobby bathroom, and the power came back just in the nick of time. Beyond prepping for weather, having contingency plans, and of course, reading this article, the single best thing you can do when faced with a wedding whoopsie is to remain calm. How do you keep calm? You breathe.

Yes, this is easier said than done, but the best wedding days are those that are fun for everyone involved. Devolving into a sour mood because something doesn’t go as planned makes for a terrible time for everyone. So take a deep breath, and check out these last-minute fixes to solve these potential wedding day disasters.

1. A Vendor Cancels On You Last Minute

When vendors cancel or get sick the day of your wedding, it can feel like the world is ending. Those peonies you spent hours debating the color of aren’t even going to arrive? What’s the point! First, breathe. Second, send someone out to the local florist to buy up whatever they have. You signed a contract, so you should be reimbursed by the vendor. Another idea? Ask the vendors who did show up if they can call in a last-minute favor to anyone they know.

2. People Who Didn’t R.S.V.P. Show Up To Your Wedding

Some people take etiquette seriously, while others max out around saying “thank you” to bartenders. It’s very possible that there may be some unexpected arrivals at your wedding. Whether they’re confused plus-ones or family members who simply forgot to R.S.V.P., make sure you have a few seats at scattered tables around the room — just in case!

3. You Spill Something On Your Dress

Ideally, you wouldn’t even have an opportunity to spill on your dress, but what’s a morning without coffee? Recruit a friend or niece to be your “wedding attendant” — someone to hold some special things for you so that you can have a little emergency kit around. This a great way to include someone who may not be a bridesmaid, but who would love to be involved in wedding prep. And if the stain stick doesn’t work? Do some creative pinning, or accept that a little bad luck could be a sign of an everlasting marriage.

4. The Cake Is A Total Fail

Bakers mess up, delivery trucks get delayed, and even the fanciest of cakes can melt. If your dessert is a bust, salvage what you can to put something on display, but don’t be afraid to go another route. Have some round up an ice cream truck to come by and serve your guests, or go grab a bunch of donuts and create a donut tower. Everyone loves a donut tower!

5. You Wake Up With A Major Pimple

There’s no denying that this is a total bummer, but there are some steps you can take. As always, breathe. Then, DO NOT PICK YOUR PIMPLE. Of all the days of your life, this is the one to heed your mother’s advice and leave it alone. Remember that you have a makeup artist who can totally cover it up, but if it’s out of control giant, head to a dermatologist to see if they can give you a cortisone shot.

6. A Wedding Guest Starts Some Drama

Whether you’ve sat two nemeses too close to each other, or Uncle Jack gets so drunk he hits on your officiant before trying to drive drunk home, there’s bound to be some drama at your wedding. The only thing to do? Delegate. Have your friends call an Uber, or ask a family member to talk to your bickering cousins about their disruptive behavior. The point is that you feel as little stress as possible!

7. It Rains Outside And The Band/DJ Can’t Play

If this sounds specific, it because it is. This story belongs to another friend of Lovepop Weddings. Her sister’s Bahamian wedding was totally rained out, and despite a giant tent, the band was unable to play. The solution? An iPod (it was a few years ago) full of LCD Soundsystem and other college favorites of the bride and groom. Spotify is golden and aux cords are easy to find, roll with it!

8. You Forget Your Vows

Whether you forget the actual piece of paper at home, or you simply can’t remember what you worked so hard to memorize, this is the easiest fix of them all. Speak from the heart — you can even let everyone know you forgot them. Other idea? Have a backup on your iPhone. It will make reprinting super simple.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett