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We’re currently living in the era of the subscription box. From fashion to foods to books and beauty products, there’s truly a subscription box for everything — even for brides-to-be. But when you’re planning a large scale event, is a subscription box something you’d want to shell out more moolah for? Are the products worth the monthly fee? We did some digging to see what all the box buzz is about and what actually arrives at your door if and when you subscribe.

Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few bridal subscription boxes currently on the market, with each offering a fairly similar plan. Each service gives brides the option of choosing how many months they’d like to receive boxes. Most monthly plans like The Bride Box and The Ring Boxes range between three to twelve months. Ideally, the last month you receive your box is the month of your wedding.

Depending on the subscription company a bride chooses to go with, she will receive a variety of wedding-related items in each month’s box. The Bride Box has previously included fun products like logo mugs, “bride” sunglasses, flip flops and water bottles. And the Ring Boxes website states that each of their boxes includes handpicked products that “celebrate and pamper” the bride like quippy tank tops, flasks, wedding decor, and “date night perks” for both the bride and groom.

Tulle La La, another bridal subscription box service, works similarly, except brides are encouraged to give the company more information about their big day and planning process in order to receive tailored products. Tulle La La also sells a single “Bridesmaid Ask Box” and a “Groom Box” to get other members of the bridal party in on the fun.

Most of the other bridal subscription box companies we looked into offer the same kind of deal and, for the most part, the same type of products (cheeky koozies, bottles of wine, eye masks, decorative signs, etc.). Miss to Mrs. even boasts that they have gifted their brides-to-be with 18K gold plated jewelry. Not too shabby, Miss to Mrs. Not too shabby!

So, what’s the upshot? Are these boxes worth the money? Possibly.

On average, any of the above boxes will set you back about $30 to $40 per month, which is a solid chunk of change considering what you’ll receive. Although the items are wedding-themed and can pump up a bride’s excitement for her big day, the products inside these boxes aren’t very personal and most can’t be used after the wedding is said and done — that is, unless you want to walk around in a “Bride” baseball cap months after you tie the knot. But hey, you do you. We’re not here to judge!

In our opinion, signing yourself up for one of these boxes doesn’t make much sense. It would be smarter to invest that $30 to $40 per month in something fun for your wedding or something that makes you feel great. Treat yourself to a monthly manicure or take yourself out to lunch. Sure, that Ring Boxes “Forever His” flannel is nice, but that shrimp scampi with lemon butter sauce is very nice.

These boxes are better suited as gifts from a friend of the bride — especially for brides that are hard to buy for. There’s bound to be something in one of those boxes that she’ll appreciate. But if you’re into sentimentality, you might be better off putting together your own gift box each month that includes inside jokes with the bride and things you know she’ll love and actually use.

The idea of a bridal subscription service is fun and we can totally see some brides absolutely loving it. But in our ~humble~ opinion, you might want to skip the subscription and DIY your own meaningful gift for the blushing bride in your life. Or, you know, treat her to that shrimp scampi lunch.

Written by: Olivia Harvey