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When I think about balloons, I immediately think about birthdays. I’m taken right back to picking up two dozen carefully curated balloons with my mom at the store downtown. I can vividly picture us trying to stuff them into the car. Yes, balloons make me think of birthday parties I had when I was seven. Which is why I was pretty surprised when I heard that wedding balloon decor is the new trend. What would that even look like? Are we talking someone making balloon animals? Or just a bunch of balloons hanging from the ceiling on the dance floor?

I started perusing the wonderful visual aid that is Pinterest to check out this trend a bit further. I quickly found that balloon decor is not only definitely happening at weddings, it’s actually a pretty great looking trend. Rather than looking like low budget or immature decorations, the balloons I saw looked mature and tasteful.

But what started this trend of balloons at weddings? Why does air-inflated plastic work so well at a wedding? When I thought about it more, I realized that there’s just something inherently festive about a balloon. Think about it, just the mention of balloons sent me into full childhood birthday party excitement memory zone.


Displaying many balloons all together also provides a really great visual effect, without incurring the cost of other decor like flowers and centerpieces. I love that they bring in color and excitement while keeping it playful. After all, a wedding reception should feel pretty playful, right?

If you’re wondering how exactly to incorporate balloons into your wedding, don’t worry, there are many different options. From luxe oversized balloons to a string of smaller balloons, you can incorporate as many or a few of them into your other decorations as you’d like.

Some of the best looking balloon ideas I saw on the internet actually combined balloons and flowers together. I love the idea of a balloon and flower arch, or a giant amount of white globes hanging from the ceiling at a reception with flowers attached.


You can also use balloons in more practical ways. Are you assigning tables and seats for your guests? Attach the table assignments to the end of a balloon string. Having a photobooth? Provide heart-shaped balloons for your guests to pose with along with the other props. Were you thinking of a flower wall as a background for a photo spot for guests? Keep costs lower and set up a wall of balloons featuring all different colors and sizes.


The proof is in the pictures — if you add balloons to your wedding decor in a creative and tasteful way, you’ll be way ahead of this excellent new trend. Start with Pinterest, but then check out some local balloon shops to get a feel for what’s out there. Yes, you never expected to be thinking about a balloon vendor when you got engaged, but I promise that this is a trend worth checking out. Cheers to popping champagne and a couple balloons on your wedding day!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett
Photos via: Best of Boston Weddings, Belle the Magazine, The House that Lars Built, Lillian Hope Designs