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While wedding guests are ogling at the bride’s gown, shoe-loving brides may be more enthused about what’s hiding below their hemline. Purchasing a fantastic pair of wedding shoes can be just as important as choosing the dress itself. And if you opt to customize your own pair for your big day, you might end up shortening your gown’s skirt and showing off your one-of-a-kind “something new.”

Several shoe customization businesses have popped up recently that allow brides add yet another layer of personal flair to their bridal ensemble. From bedazzled peep-toe heels to tartan-patterned wedges — your ultimate dream shoe can become your wedding day reality.

For the bride who likes to have a say in every aspect of everything, there’s Shoes of Prey. This site not only offers a wide selection of beautiful and affordable pre-designed shoes to thumb through, but their customization tool allows you to design pretty much any heel or flat imaginable for around $150 to $200.

You’re first presented with your Shoes of Prey blank canvas — a 3D model of a basic white pump. You can rotate it, see it from every angle, and personalize everything from the toe shape to the heel height and style, to the straps and accessories.


And holy fabrics. This shoe can be any color of the rainbow (or multiple colors if you’re into that look), and made with silks, satins, leathers, or vegan leathers. Plus, Shoes of Prey gets major bonus points because their custom shoes are available in US sizes 3 through 13, so brides with feet big and small can create exactly what they’re looking for.

The only downside to the Shoes of Prey customization tool is that the seemingly endless amount of style combos can become overwhelming. We recommend going into the customization process with an idea in mind to prevent being sucked into a time warp — seriously, we could spend hours (ahem...days) customizing an entire closet’s worth of shoes on this website.

Some brides may prefer having their hand held by professional designers through the shoe customization process. For those brides, we recommend Colorado-based Ellie Wren’s wedding shoe customization service. Rather than taking the entire task into your own hands, you can work with Ellie Wren’s expert design team to craft your perfect wedding day footwear.

From personalized soles to incredible appliqued or bejeweled heels, Ellie Wren is basically a foot fairy godmother. To get started, all a bride has to do is fill out the customization form to connect with a designer. The bride can send over inspo photos and even include a budget cap for the design team to stick to (average Ellie Wren custom shoes average at about $285, but that price is flexible).

The design team will send the bride updates on the shoe design and creation to which the bride can submit feedback. The ability to talk directly with a designer can give the bride-to-be peace of mind and ensure her ideas are being heard and executed.

There are, of course, ways to customize store-bought shoes as well. Have your bridesmaids write messages on the soles of your wedding day pumps. Add rhinestones or beads in unique patterns. In some cases, you can even dye shoes you already own. Perhaps that’s the best thing about customization — there are no rules and anything goes.

Get crafty and treat yourself to a pair of completely original shoes that will make your special day that much more unique.

Written by: Olivia Harvey
Photo via: Shoes of Prey