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Don't Want To Wear A Wedding Dress? 6 Non-Traditional Alternatives

Written by Sarah Lessire

So, maybe you never dreamed of a big white wedding. Maybe you really value being able to move around freely, and don’t see why your wedding day should be any different. Or maybe you’re just obsessed with onesies. I mean, we get it. What’s not to love about onesies?

Regardless of your specific motivation, the following list of non-conventional bridal dresses is for all of you free-spirited, wild-at-heart, out-of-the-box brides.

Bridal Crop Tops.
More casual than a wedding dress, and much easier to move and breathe in, crop tops are proof that more relaxed doesn’t mean less distinguished or voluptuous.


Wedding Jumpsuits.
Bridal onesies bring an air of independence and business badass to nuptial celebrations. And if you pick one that is sober enough, chances are you’ll get to wear it again in the future!


Women’s Suits.
Some women feel most like themselves in a suit, and we get why. Elegance and beauty are never proportional to the amount of skin you show, and this is 2018: women get to marry in suits if they please!


Little White Dresses.
So maybe you have dreamed about a white wedding your entire life… but the long dress feels like a tad too much and you’d rather not sweep the floors with your bridal attire. Especially if you plan on dancing your face off, or if you’re getting married in a warm place, a little white dress is a wonderful option to consider.


Colorful Wedding Gowns.
Or maybe you’ve dreamed of a BIG wedding, but white reminds you of hospitals, or doesn’t flatter your skin tone. Colorful gowns are in, and they’re here to make noise! This should be your favorite day, celebrating your union to your favorite person… Why not wear your favorite color?


Floral Prints.
If you are a nature loving boheme-romantic, and if you prefer a more simple approach to embellishment, a floral wedding dress could be a perfect fit for you. There’s a genuine, delightful poetry to them, and we are into it.


There you go! These are just six alternatives, but nothing says you can’t come up with your own... If you feel your prettiest, shiniest, and sexiest in overalls, then go for it! Working directly with a designer or a tailor is also always an option, and often a wonderful creative experience.

Remember, your sweetheart knows you and he is marrying all of you. So be free and be yourself, for that is the absolute most beautiful anyone can ever be!