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Have you ever found yourself in bed, surrounded by tissues, having just fallen down the YouTube wedding video rabbit hole? We certainly have on more than, ahem, ten occasions. If you’re guilty of binge-watching wedding videos, you know that it doesn’t matter if you know the starring couple. There’s just something so wonderful about seeing two people vow to love each other until death do they part while surrounded by friends and family. We’re getting choked up just thinking about it.

Other people’s wedding videos can also be a great source of inspiration for those planning future nuptials. Find a couple with a similar wedding aesthetic and take notes on their celebration — just don’t smudge said notes with your own tears. You can also show a wedding video you love to your own cinematographer so they can get an idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to your event footage.

We’ve weeped our hearts out over the below wedding edits and honestly, we’re feeling a bit lightheaded. We’ll hand the bawling baton over to you while we rehydrate and calm the heck down. Seriously, get the tissues ready because you’re going to need them.

1. Samantha & Jason

Lifestyle vlogger Samantha Marie married her husband Jason at an actual English castle in 2017. Their ceremony took place in the historic home’s great hall and their reception was held in the incredible glass-walled conservatory. Like their wedding, their event video is simple, clean, and hits all the main points from the day. It’s like we’re watching a montage from a cinematic period film and we love everything about it.

2. Anne & Erwan

We want to be friends with Anne and Erwan ~so~ badly. How can we get an invite to their next party? These two are authentic and fun-loving and this video perfectly encapsulates their personalities — we think, anyway. Again, we unfortunately don’t know them. Our favorite thing about their wedding video is the fact that, although they’re obviously the stars, Anne and Erwan’s friends and family give award-winning performances worthy of a standing ovation. Good luck trying not to cry/laugh your butt off.

3. Tom & Lance

When Olympic diver Tom Daley married screenwriter Lance Black in 2017 their day was pure magic — and we are lucky enough to get a peek at the event. Like Sam and Jason, Tom and Lance had their wedding at a sprawling English manor and guests dressed to nines in formal suits and Royal Wedding-esque party hats. And because these two are just amazing people, Tom and Lance are donating all the ad revenue garnered from their wedding video to LGBT+ Switchboard and It Gets Better to give thanks to those who fought for gay rights in the past and help pave the way to an even better future for the LGTBQ+ community.

4. Bryce & Hailey

In this video, we get to follow Bryce and Hailey from their engagement to their wedding day. It’s basically a mini-documentary about their relationship and we’re wanting a sequel stat! Bohemian brides and grooms-to-be will love the overall aesthetic of Bryce and Hailey’s intimate big day, which takes place somewhere peaceful in the mountains. And the mismatched modern/Super 8 film is trendy yet falls in line with the vintage feel of the entire day.

5. Vanessa & Lin-Manuel

Yes, we’re talking about that Lin-Manuel. If you haven’t seen the viral video from Vanessa Nadal and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2010 wedding reception, the time has come. Unbeknownst to Vanessa, Lin-Manuel pulled the wedding party together to perform a very spirited rendition of “To Life” from Fiddler on the Roof. Although this video shows just a snippet from Vanessa and Lin-Manuel’s big day, it’s enough to prove that they are one of the cutest couples in the modern era. As if we couldn’t love Lin any more than we already did.

We hope these videos inspired you to get creative with your own wedding edit so you can capture the day and replay it for years to come. Or, if you’re still waiting for the one, let these videos remind you that love is real and warrants some killer parties.

Written by: Olivia Harvey