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When you think about a ring, you probably picture a round, circular item made of gold, silver, or platinum (if you’re fancy like that). You might think, “I can’t wait for my wedding day, because all I want is another piece of metal around my finger!” For you, wedding ring alternatives have never been an option, and that’s all fine and good.

But there also some of you out there thinking about your impending nuptials and wondering, “How am I ever going to get used to wearing that on my finger every day?” That’s OK too, because there’s no right way to share your commitment to your partner on your fingers. After all, they’re just fingers.

Whether you work at a job that makes wearing a ring hard, you’d rather contribute that money to the down payment on a house, or you simply don’t love the look of a wedding ring, there are plenty of alternative options for you to consider. Showing your commitment publicly is lovely, but if you’re in a trusting and committed relationship, you’re probably not all too worried about “marking” yourself or your partner as “taken,” by putting a circle of metal on your ring finger. Here are some alternative wedding bands you may just totally fall in love with.

1. The Tattoo Bands

Yes, you’ve seen this before. But most trends are trends for a reason. If you’re not afraid of a needle with some ink in it, consider getting matching “wedding ring” tattoos with your partner. They won’t bother you (well, aside from when you actually get the tattooing done), the experience will be a (somewhat painful) memory for you to share together, and you don’t even have to be a tattoo-person to get one. You can opt for something as a simple, thin line of ink around your finger. Very chic.

2. The Nontraditional Gemstone Bands

So you might actually enjoy wearing a ring, but maybe the classic wedding band just isn’t for you. Consider a nontraditional band that includes some unique gemstones. Find some inspiration from Stephanie Gottlieb’s gorgeous, colorful rings. And you can keep it simple, too. From rubies to peridot, there are plenty of gems out there that are affordable and can spice up the look of your ring.

3. The Rubber Band

No, we’re not suggesting you put the kind of rubber band you made rubber band balls out of in elementary school on your ring finger forever. But there are new rubber and silicone rings for those who want to wear a ring at all times, but can’t necessarily wear a ring at their job or maybe just want something more comfortable to work out in. The retailer Qalo has some really interesting designs you should check out.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett