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Have you ever been invited to a wedding, checked the website for transportation details, only to find them completely missing from the web? Eek. Let the mad dash to text that one bridesmaid you know commence! Paper invitations are lovely and a formality, but it’s 2018. People want to get the answers to the questions they have from their phones, and they want them immediately. Now that we’ve established that wedding websites are mandatory and your guests will appreciate having all of your event info in one place, you might be wondering what to put on your wedding website. You’ve planned so many details for your big day, but do they all belong on the internet?

Real talk: even the tiniest pieces of information regarding your wedding are important to include on your website. Yes, from lodging addresses to late night food options, that’s a lot to think about. But don’t sweat the small stuff, because we’re here to help you out. This article has one goal and one goal only — to tell you what the must-have details are so that you can share a complete, comprehensive web site. So once you’ve decided on your hosting platform, theme, and adorable hashtag, here are the other details you must include on your site.

Include The Vital Details

Obviously you’ll include the date, time, and place of your big day, but make sure the details are easy to access on your website. Be sure to indicate clearly if your ceremony and reception are at the same place or not, and what time guests should plan to travel between them.

Give Lots Of Transportation Information

In addition the the cars, buses, or trolleys you have rented for guests for particular departure times, it’s nice to include details about options such as Lyft, Uber, or local cabs. Putting a disclosure like, “Ubers can take between 15 and 30 minutes to arrive in rural Vermont,” is helpful for your guests looking to transport themselves to your reception on time. Are friends flying in from out of town? Provide airport and limo details for anyone who might have a long journey as well.

Be Clear On The Dress Code

Put the dress code for your ceremony and reception loud and clearly at the top of the homepage. If you’re hosting a rehearsal dinner or welcome drinks for all guests, make sure to include those dress code details as well.

Provide Information On Local Food And Activities

From bars to late-night food options to coffee shops to drug stores, there are plenty of needs that might come up for your guests over your wedding weekend, so give them plenty of info. Additionally, if there are any must-see museums or historic sites, or even hikes for guests to go on, put all that information on the website. (Even if you put paper guides in their welcome bags!)

Put Up Registry Information

Whether you’re registered at Williams Sonoma, Bloomingdale’s, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn, or you’re just looking for contributions to a charity of honeymoon fund, put these links on your site. It makes everyone’s life easier!

And Finally… Skip The Details For Events Not Everyone Is Invited To

If your rehearsal dinner guest list does not include all guests, skip providing the details on your website. It’s more tactful and polite, which is exactly the kind of bride you want to be!

Written by: KImmy Foskett