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If you were a child who fantasized about being a bride someday, you probably didn’t imagine the cost of the flowers, or even your future partner. You probably did imagine the dress, in a major way. The wedding dress is the queen detail of all wedding details. Case in point: what was the main focus of the royal wedding? The dress. What’s the one wedding detail most guests have no idea about until the big day? The dress. So why would you want two wedding dresses? Isn’t one enough?

Not always, no. While at first, it might seem like overkill to have both a ceremony dress and a reception dress, the more you think about it, you might realize that it’s actually a great idea. Think about it: when it comes to your wedding, you want to pick your dream dress. You want to pick the dress that makes you feel like one million bucks, and one that might end up costing something close to it, too.

Do you really want to be hoisted up in a chair, red wine glass in hand in that very special gown you said “I do,” in? (Not that you’d even risk drinking red wine in a white dress, because you’re smart like that.) Some dresses simply aren’t meant for receptions and dancing. Some brides simply want to be comfortable for the party portion of the evening. Some brides want to try a different style at night. Here are the reasons you should absolutely consider having both a ceremony dress and a reception dress for your wedding.

A Second Dress Is An Opportunity To Get Comfortable

An uncomfortable bride is an unhappy bride. Even if you love the fit of your wedding dress, certain dress silhouettes can simply take up too much of the dance floor with tulle or otherwise limit your sweet dance moves. Having a second dress allows you to wear something you can move in. Consider dresses of a shorter length, or even a white jumpsuit!

Changing Dresses Guarantees Your Wedding Dress Stays In Great Shape

The other perk of having two dresses? Your original dress is guaranteed not to get stepped on. You can put it away safely after cocktail hour! Think about it: you want your guests to have fun at the reception, and you’ll want to have fun, too. If you’re worried about your dresses getting mucked up all night, you’ll never be able to relax. A second dress is a great option.

Your Reception Dress Is A Great Time To Play With Color And Style

There’s no reason you have to wear white all night (or even at all). Having a reception dress allows you to take risks with the color and style of your outfit, without sacrificing that traditional, timeless look you are aiming for in your photos. Again, Meghan Markle was great evidence of this. A second dress allowed her to play with her style and relax it a bit.

And remember… no one said your second dress had to be Givenchy. A second dress should feel like an opportunity, not an obligation. Happy dress shopping!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett