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So you clicked on this article because it sounded interesting. (And because, let’s be real, who doesn’t want their wedding planning to be a breeze?) Then, you realize you aren’t exactly sure what “the sharing economy” is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The “sharing economy” is something you probably participate in very regularly. If you use Uber or Lyft, then you’re engaging with the sharing economy. If you rent out Airbnbs when you are on vacation, then that’s also a part of the sharing economy. But how can the sharing economy help you plan your wedding? Are you supposed to rent a veil from a stranger?

Well, not necessarily, but it’s definitely possible! The sharing economy is all about purchasing and sharing assets from others in order to lower the cost of goods and services. In case you forgot, weddings are expensive. The average wedding cost in the United States runs around $35,000. That’s not cheap for a one-day event! So why not check out some of these ideas for using the sharing economy on your wedding day to lower that cost? Here are a few ways the sharing economy can make your wedding plans low-cost and easy breezy.

Organize Lodging For Your Wedding With Airbnb


Hotels are expensive. Suites at hotels that will fit all 15 of your bridesmaids are even more expensive. Instead of paying $450 a night at that resort near your venue, consider renting an Airbnb for the night before and the night of your wedding. You can find amazing apartments and homes on Airbnb. Owners know that the more meticulous they are with their interior design, the more likely guests will be to rent their apartment out. Plus, an Airbnb will be a perfect backdrop for your getting ready photos.

Share Flowers With Another Wedding


One of the biggest surprise costs for couples planning a wedding is the price tag of the flowers. Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of a wedding, but they are not cheap. Floral centerpieces and bouquets also have very short lives — most are discarded within a week or so at most. So why not share your centerpieces with another wedding? It might sound budget, but budgets are important when planning a wedding! Companies like Bloomerent allow you to share wedding flowers with another couple getting married in your area.

Rent A Fancy Ride For The Day


Renting a limo or vintage car through traditional means can be expensive, but there are peer-to-peer sharing options like Turo which allow you to rent someone’s car for the day at a decently low rate. Think about it: people who own fancy cars don’t necessarily want to use them every day. Do you want to pull up to your reception in an amazing Bentley? You can probably find the exact model you’re looking for on Turo. For between $150 and $500, you can find some pretty amazing cars on the app.

Rent The Runway For Your Bridesmaids


By now, you’ve heard of Rent The Runway, and you’ve probably even used it as a guest at other weddings, but why not consider using the service for your bridesmaids dresses? Your crew will appreciate getting a dress that won’t break the bank — or crowd up their closets!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett