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You triple-confirmed with all of your vendors. You’ve put personalized welcome bags in each guest’s room. You’ve even booked a back-up photographer. But even the most prepared brides and grooms will face some unexpected hiccups on their big day. (Though hopefully, not literal hiccups during your vows.) When big groups of family and friends get together and there’s free flowing booze in the mix, things can get murky. Having a plan in place for how to deal with difficult wedding guests is a great idea.

Whether your Uncle gets too sauced at cocktail hour and causes a scene or you accidentally seat your divorced in-laws too close to each other and someone throws a cherry tomato at the other, weddings are ripe for family drama. Lovepop Weddings spoke to wedding planner Christa Graham of Christa Graham Weddings & Events to find out what couples are supposed to do when wedding guests become prickly (or get too drunk). Here’s what she shared.

Preemptively Deal With Whatever Situations You Can

If you know that there have been some tensions within your family, try to mitigate the situation in advance. When it comes to family drama, “I suggest that my couples speak with their parents and or grandparents about any issues that they might not be aware of,” says Graham. Once you get this information, you can pass it along “to whomever is helping them plan whether it be a wedding planner or a bridesmaid, friend, or family member.” These people can be your allies on your wedding day and lookout for any warning signs so that you can enjoy your day.

Put Someone On Drunk Patrol

Having someone to help you lookout for potential drunk driving or generally overserved guests is a good idea. “Couples need to designate someone in advance to handle anybody who might be drunk or disorderly at the wedding,” says Graham. “That person needs to know that the couple doesn't want to be bothered with this during their wedding day and they need to be given permission to handle the situation and remove the guest.” Graham adds that you can also hire security or speak with the staff at the venue about this role as well.

Be Sure To Consider Other Precarious Situations

Aside from family issues and alcohol, there are a lot of other difficulties that can arise with wedding guests, so be sure to consider other factors when designing your guest list. Do you have a friend who will feel particularly left out if you don’t give her a plus one because she’s single? Or maybe someone’s ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is going to be invited to the wedding. Make sure you talk to the parties involved in advance to give them a heads up as to who is going to be present at the wedding. It’s polite, and it will save you a lot of headaches when your wedding day actually arrives.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett