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One of the most surprising wedding expenses couples discover when they start planning their nuptials is the cost of the flower arrangements. Food, drink, and venue are all expected to be expensive, but unless you’re an event planner or you’ve done a lot of flower buying in the past, the sticker shock of wedding flowers is very real. But don’t freak out just yet. There are many ways to save on wedding flowers, so that you can afford that honeymoon to Hawaii after all.

Before you commit to creating your own bouquets, do your research. (Because real talk, DIY bouquets take a village!) Talk to florists and be upfront about exactly what you’re looking to spend. See what they can provide for that amount, and if that seems fair to you. Ask them about using seasonal blooms to keep cost down. Still too much cash to shell out? Totally understood. Flowers just might not be a major priority for you on your wedding day. Here are some additional ways to save money on your wedding flowers.

Stay Local

Sticking to local and seasonal blooms is key to keeping cost down. Investigate what’s available at your local farmer’s market and maybe even talk to some farmers about what they can provide you in bulk. Plus, staying local means your bouquets will look extra fresh.

Order In Bulk, And DIY From There

If you have a team of family and friends who won’t mind helping put your centerpieces and bouquets together, consider an online florist like Farmgirl Flowers. You can order your blooms and vases, and then create bouquets with your crew of extra dedicated loved ones.

Pick Flowers With Big Blooms

Orchids or sunflowers can seem more costly at first, but you’ll actually need less of them, especially as centerpieces. Just a few major blooms can really create an atmosphere at a wedding table, whereas smaller flowers need to be arranged just right.

Don’t Choose Too Many Different Flowers

If you stick to just one or two types of flowers, your florist will be able to purchase them in bulk. Plus, having only a couple flower types keeps it minimalistic for a sleek wedding decor look.

Go With An Alternative To Flowers

Maybe you’re having a fall wedding and want to include some leaves and branches in your centerpiece. Or maybe you’re having a wedding in Mexico and put those gorgeous blue-and-white ceramic bottles of Clasa Azul tequila at each table center to really get the party started. Get creative! After all, it’s your wedding.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett