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Full transparency: I’ve never been to Nashville, but Instagram has taught me a lot about it. Scrolling in bed has shown me that the city is home to bomb hot chicken, tons of live music, and all of the sash-sporting bachelorettes in the land. Why is everyone so hot to host their bachelorette parties in Music City? No shade to Nashville, because I’ve never been. But I’ve always wondered what would happen if I got engaged, wanted to throw a bachelorette party, but didn’t feel like turning up in Tennessee? After my latest trip, I have an answer: go glamping with your girls.

Yes, you heard me right! I think you should consider a National Parks glamping adventure for your bachelorette. It’s more unique, exciting, and relaxing that a Nashville, Scottsdale, or Charleston trip. Plus, to bring things full circle, you’ll have gram-worthy photos for days.

OK. So why am I touting glamping and hiking as the nouveau-Bachelorette? Well, I recently drove cross-country from New York to L.A., and along the way, I stopped at some truly breathtaking National Parks. Being an East Coaster, I had never realized how gorgeous some of the parks in our country are. My favorite stop was in Moab, Utah, near Arches National Park. The park itself was beautiful, but the best part of this leg of the trip was the lodging — I spent glamping at Under Canvas Moab.

This was my very favorite of the hotels my boyfriend and I stayed in on our way out to L.A.. Or maybe I should say, “my favorite tent that we stayed in.” Except that the word “tent” doesn’t do the room we were staying in justice. The glamp-room was ten times nicer than the Holiday Inn we had just stayed in in South Dakota. (Duh.) There were cooling misters to save us from the desert heat, sweet chairs to sit in out front with a glass of wine and a view of the mountains, and even activities on site. (Like a campfire with s’mores!)

While this particular brand of glamping was rather romantic, it was so fun and unconventional that it made me think it would make for a great bachelorette party. The particular glamping experience I booked allowed booze and hanging out, but had quiet hours starting at 11 P.M. Under Canvas glamping is available at multiple National Parks, so it’s great fit if you’re looking to host a bachelorette packed with daytime activities.

Even if you’re the type that wants to turn up, I’d recommend glamping. If you’re looking to get a bit more wild in the wilderness, you can rent your own glamping situation and settle into a campsite (or a backyard) with friends. At the end of the day, there’s something incredibly humbling about spending a night in nature, but also feeling like you’re living in a little bit of luxury. (I’m not particularly interested in actual camping and dirt and bugs, so glamping was perfect.)So as you start thinking about your bachelorette, don’t forget to check out glamping! Your friends will love it. (Well, unless you schedule it in the dead of winter.)

Written by: Kimmy Foskett