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Welcome to 2018, where you can order up a date as quickly as you can order a chopped salad on Seamless. What a time to be alive! Now that dating apps are absolutely, positively mainstream, there’s no reason your can’t use them to meet the love of your life. But while you can choose each ingredient in your salad order on Seamless, you don’t always know what you’re getting when you swipe right on Tinder. If you’re looking to settle down, a few bad app dates can leave you wondering if it’s possible to find your fiance on Tinder. Good news: it is!

If you’re on the apps looking for the real deal, don’t let the bad dates get you down. It’s very possible to meet your forever-partner online, you just have to be patient. People meet their partners through dating apps all of the time. A SimpleTexting study in 2017 found that 13 percent of people got engaged or married from the apps. There are even Tinder-themed save the dates!

Lovepop Concierge Mimi Nguyen has helped hundreds of couples find the perfect invitations for their special day, and she’s also in the process of planning her own wedding. Guess where she met her fiance? On Tinder! Here’s how it happened, from right-swipe to ring finger.


1. Don’t Be Afraid To Give The Apps Another Try

Nguyen had dabbled in dating apps before she met her fiance, but never took them too seriously. “I had downloaded them on and off for a couple of years, but never believed in the app,” says Nguyen. “I probably had only gone on two or three Tinder dates prior, and they were all horrible.”

2. When You Do Go On The Apps, Don’t Take Them Too Seriously
Nguyen decided to approach the apps in a more relaxed way — as a fun activity. “I found Tinder to be a fun activity to do when I was bored or when I was with my girlfriends,” she explains. “The reason I swiped on [my fiance] was that he seemed sociable and fun to hang with based on his photos. I had just moved to Boston from Texas and was mainly looking for friends.”

3. Keep An Open Mind
Nguyen thinks going into the apps with a laid-back attitude actually helped her find her person. “I wasn't looking for a relationship, so I went to our first date with no expectations,” she explains. “I feel like having that mindset calmed my nerves, and let me be myself rather than trying to put on that first date act.”

4. Don’t Stress The First Date Too Much
Nguyen said that the highlights of her first date with her fiance were easy conversation and an immediate connection over a relaxed dinner chicken wing dinner. This sounds like a pretty ideal first date, but it was actually tricky to plan. “We were supposed to go on our first date around September of 2016, but I bailed and we didn't end up going on our actual first date till November 2016,” says Nguyen. “I also showed up really late on the actual first date, so I thought he probably was already annoyed by me.” Turns out he was actually extremely calm, and had already scoped out a spot at the bar and told the bartender it was their first date. What a catch!

5. Let Things Grow Organically
Another time you shouldn’t put pressure on a date? If it goes really well. Nguyen explains that this great first date didn’t lead directly to a proposal. “During the few months we had a fallout, but when he went to Florida to wait out the winter, I realized I missed him,” she adds. “So as soon as he got back, we reconnected and went on a couple more dates, and the rest is history.” When you know, you know.

6. Say “Yes!”
To recap: finding your special person on a dating app takes an open mind, a relaxed attitude, and a willingness to put yourself out there with another person. But we can’t wrap this adorable Tinder match-made-in-heaven up without getting to the proposal. “On our one-year anniversary, he told me to dress up to go out to dinner, so I did,” says Nguyen. “Our hotel was on the beach so he suggested having a drink and a walk before heading out. As we were walking on the dunes towards the beach, he slowed down and dropped down behind me, I turned around and there he was on his knee, shaking and asking me to marry him.” A fairytale ending from a Tinder beginning. Here’s to going on a first date!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett