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Considering the fact that some couples spend a year or more planning their wedding, it might seem like organizing your big day in under six months is an impossible task. While a six-month timeline may be less than ideal for some, it may be a blessing in disguise for others. Yes, more venues will be booked and you’ll have to send your invitations out on a more stringent deadline, but sometimes have less options can make deciding a whole lot easier. If you’ve wondering how you’re going to plan your wedding in less than six months, the first step is to take a deep, deep breath. We’ve got you covered.

Whether you just got engaged, but the venue of your dreams has a last minute opening in three months, or you’re dealing with a sick family member whose timeline may be uncertain, you can plan a wedding in no time, as long as you stick to a plan. There are certain luxuries you won’t have if you’re getting married in two months or so, but remember that the wedding is meant to be a celebration of you and your partner’s love, not a celebration of your event planning skills. (Unless, of course, you’re a professional event planner.) Here’s what to do if you’re planning a just-in-time wedding.

Make Sure You Know What Your Priorities Are

Whenever you have a looming deadline, your probably take a moment to think about what you need to get done first. For a wedding, that might be prioritizing finding a venue to hold the 200 guests you’d like to invite to your celebration over thinking about what kind of DIY gift bags you can create for them. Make a list and stick to it.

Get Clear On Your Budget

You’re planning a wedding in a short period of time, so there’s no time to hum and haw about how to ask your parents if they’re willing to contribute, or wonder if you’ll get that bonus at work to contribute to your big day. Face the reality of the funds you have at your disposal right now, and set and stick to a budget with your partner.

Send An Electronic Save-The-Date Out Immediately

Even if your vendors are available, many of your guests may be committed to weddings already, especially if you’re getting married during the summer or early fall. Make sure to establish your guest list and send an evite out right away.

Start The Dress Hunt

Custom dresses can take months to make, so start looking at dresses as soon as possible. Plus, this is a fun decision for most brides, and one you’ll want to take a little extra time with. Don’t forget wedding party attire either! Some of your party members may want to get their outfits tailored for the big day.

Finalize Your Vendors

Stick to your plan and get your caterer, cake baker, florist, photographer, videographer, and band settled as soon as possible. Talk to friends for their recommendations, and if you get in contact with someone who came highly recommended, but is too busy to take on your wedding, ask them for recommendations as well.

Keep An Open Mind

A wedding on a tight timeline can be difficult to pull off. Try to remember that there’s no such thing as the perfect wedding photographer or the most unique wedding cake. Be willing to sacrifice certain things for the date you’ve chosen to get married on. You can host an excellent wedding reception at a local bar, post-City Hall ceremony, and always plan a more elaborate celebration later on in life. Mazel!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett