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After months, and sometimes years, of planning, you want to be able to relax on your wedding day and know that everything is being taken care of. Those who have helped you thus far will hopefully take the reins so you can enjoy your day to the fullest, but you can also sneakily put your guests to work to make sure your day goes better than expected.

The below tips and tricks can be worked into any wedding setting and newlyweds will reap the benefits before, during, and after the actual wedding day. Your guests won’t even know how much they’re helping you out — they’ll be having too much fun (Shh!).

Let your guests build your playlist.

At the bottom of your RSVP cards, include a line on which your guests can write in the song that will get their butt on the dance floor. Of course, it’s your wedding and you can veto their choices (sorry, friends and fam. “Cotton Eye Joe” isn’t making the cut). But it’s always fun to gather your guests’ music taste to ensure everyone will have the best time. Plus, you can stress less over which songs to suggest to your DJ or wedding band.

Leave disposable cameras on each table.

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Put your guests in charge of capturing the moment. Whether you’ve hired a professional photographer or not, leaving disposable cameras on guest tables is a fun (and affordable) way to get your friends and family involved in making lasting memories. When you get the film developed, you’ll see your big day from an entirely new perspective. We recommend dedicating an entire album to your wedding day disposables because we guarantee they’ll be priceless.

And/or give your guests an Instagram hashtag to use.

If you prefer to keep your memories in digital format, have your guests use an Instagram hashtag to share photos from your wedding day. The above couple, Mr. and Mrs. Baker, had their guests tag #BakersInTheBarn in any photo shared on social media. Depending on your last names, you can get crafty with your hashtag by using a play on words. Or keep things simple by combining your last names and adding your wedding date. There are even a few websites that can help you create a wedding hashtag. But as long as you keep it short, sweet, and easy to spell, guests should no problem contributing to your digital photo album.

Set up a DIY dessert bar.

Everyone loves to end a wedding with something sweet, but cake isn’t for everyone. To keep everyone happy, let your guests fend for themselves when it comes to dessert. Set up a DIY sundae bar or dessert buffet to give your friends and family free reign of the sweets. And if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with leftovers, supply guests with to-go boxes to cut down on food waste at the end of the event.

Give guests the option to donate to charity (or your own honeymoon fund) in lieu of giving gifts.

Let guests know ahead of time via your online registry that you’ll also be accepting donations to a specific charity of your choice, or for your own honeymoon fund come the day of the wedding. Sure, you can still ask for that high-tech blender. But giving guests the choice to do a greater good on behalf of you and your spouse is an awesome way to pay the love forward.

More often than not, guests love getting involved in wedding day festivities. If you secretly give them a task, you might be surprised how much your friends and family will deliver.

Written by: Olivia Harvey