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Here’s a hot take: Pinterest is the “wedding” of social media platforms. It’s incredibly exciting, it’s all about planning, and it’s overwhelming to figure out at first. Yes, just like planning a wedding. Instagram and Facebook? Those are birthday parties in comparison. Pinterest is just that much more expansive and complicated. But don’t despair! Once you figure out how to use Pinterest to plan your wedding, you’ll never look back, because it’s truly the perfect tool for the big day.

Officially, Pinterest is for “social bookmarking.” In other words, Pinterest is the only easy way to organize in the millions of posts, photos, and articles about wedding inspiration you find on the internet. From those adorable pink paper straws you saw on Instagram that time to bow ties for the canines who might be involved in your ceremony, there’s no shortage of wedding-related photos on the platform. The key to not being overwhelmed by all of these ideas? Go in with a plan.

If you know exactly how you want to use Pinterest to plan your wedding, you’ll be able collect ideas easily and effectively. Here are ten tips for how to use Pinterest as you plan your ceremony and reception, because an organized couple is a happy couple. (And it’s nice to start a marriage on a happy note, you know?)

1. Get Familiar With Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards are basically a digital bulletin board. You know those life coaches who encourage vision boarding? That’s what you’re doing, just on the internet. Once you set up your Pinterest profile, click on “Boards,” and then, “Create Board.” Title your board something like “Wedding Inspo” or something so that you can keep it separate from the rest of your Pinterest activity.

2. Categorize The Ideas You’re Collecting

Once you have your wedding board set up and you’re pinning all sorts of ideas to it, it helps to split it up into sections. Pinterest allows you to add and title sections within your main board. Think about creating categories like venues, flowers, catering, advice, stationery, fashion, and even honeymoon ideas. This makes going back to find that Aperol Spritz adjacent cocktail a whole lot easier than if you had to sift through all of your posts.

3. Follow Wedding Experts and Planners

While Pinterest works just like Google — you’re mostly searching for what you want to pin — you can also follow other boards and accounts on Pinterest. Once your board is set up, seek out some wedding planners you love and click, “follow,” for a fresh dose of inspiration.

4. Add Your Own Pins

When you start to firm up details like the venue and lodging, add your own photos to your board to really start to get a picture of how everything's coming together. Even better? Add photos of the final product, your wedding day! Who knows, you might even inspire a few new followers with your own pins.

5. Invite Collaborators

It takes two to get married — unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw in that episode of Sex and The City where she marries herself and registers at Barney’s — so remember to share your board with your partner, as well as any wedding planner you hire or friends whose advice you trust.

6. Edit Your Boards Down

On Pinterest, It’s easy to collect, but it’s not easy to edit. Like cleaning out your closet and holding onto that dress “just in case,” you’ll find that it can be hard to let go of your pins, even if they don’t fit with your actual wedding plans. We all love looking at photos of Bora Bora, but we all can’t afford to get married there. Force yourself to get rid of the extraneous pins.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett