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While roaming around Pinterest and Instagram, gathering inspiration for your upcoming nuptials, you’ve probably stumbled upon photos of bridal parties sporting patterned dresses. It’s a cool and fresh look for your big day, and we’re kind of all about this trend. If you’ve been toying with the idea of introducing floral dresses to your bridesmaids, we have a few tips to really nail the look.

Of course, there’s no wrong way to go about the floral bridesmaid dress trend. It’s your day, boo. You do you! But depending on the vibe of your wedding, you might want to head in a specific direction to make the compliment your overall theme.

We’ve taken note of a few different ways to tackle the floral bridesmaid trend, so get your inspiration board ready and let’s start brainstorming.

Do half and half.

If you’re all about the floral print but afraid that your bridal party might look too busy, you might want to opt for the half-and-half option. Having half your bridesmaids wear printed dresses and the other half wear solids can cut down on the business and leave a little breathing room in your wedding photos. This idea might especially appeal to brides who have a larger wedding party.

Pick a pastel pattern.

The lighter the floral print, the less loud the bridesmaids dresses will be. Some brides might be concerned that patterned bridesmaid dresses might distract from the star of the show — and that’s totally understandable. But if you keep the print muted, your bridesmaid dresses will be understated compliments to your gown rather than show-stoppers.

Check out dresses with floral lace overlays.

For brides who are going for the ‘traditional with a twist’ theme, we recommend checking out bridesmaid dresses with floral lace overlays rather than diving head-first into a print. The lace adds another layer of femininity and interest to a bridesmaid dress but the uniform color keeps it hushed.

Go bold for a boho theme.

Paint splatter your bridal party with pops of reds, oranges, blues, and purple florals to inject your wedding with a whole lot of festiveness. Non-traditional brides might want to leave the dress selection up to their bridesmaids, so instead of choosing their ensemble, give your girls (and guys) a color palette to adhere to instead.

Mix and match for a homey vibe.

Assigning different floral patterns to your bridesmaids, or having them choose their own floral dress for the event, can give your wedding a casual, more intimate feel. Even though they don’t match, the fact that the members of your bridal party are all wearing florals is enough to create a cohesive picture.

Show off your maid of honor.

Use a floral print strategically and reserve it for your maid or matron of honor. This way, she’ll stand out from the crowd but still fit in amongst the rest of the bridal party as long as a color scheme is kept to.

No matter the theme, vibe, or feel, floral bridesmaid dresses can absolutely work in any wedding setting. Glam them up, dress them down, and make them unique to your day.

Written by: Olivia Harvey