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At the start of summer 2018, Lauren from byLauren Creative Co. was gifted with a Sip & Script ® class for her birthday — think “paint night” but with calligraphy. What began as an enjoyable evening filled with food, drink, and practising penmanship resulted in Lauren finding a natural talent that she’s turned into a fun and fast-growing business.

For the past few months, Lauren, who is a financial technology professional by day, has been fine-tuning her script skills and sharing her progress via her Instagram account, @byLaurenLettering. Part of that fine-tuning process is figuring out her own personal calligraphy style and script design.

“One of the cool things about calligraphy is that you develop your own personal font after you practice for a little bit, just like everyone has their own unique handwriting,” Lauren told us. “Sip & Script sends you home with an alphabet guide, so I copied from that for a while, and now I’ve developed a few go-to fonts that each can take on a few variations.”

Lauren currently uses a basic calligraphy pen with various nibs and black sumi ink. She also dabbles in colored markers. “I am looking forward to stocking up on different colored inks soon (especially metallic!) and trying out watercolors,” she said.

About a year and a half before Lauren dove into the world of calligraphy, she first took up pottery. She’s since become a whiz at wheel throwing and has designed an array of beautiful ceramic pieces. You can check out her ceramic work at @byLaurenCreativeCo on Instagram.

“[Pottery] was the first time I took up an artistic hobby,” Lauren told us. “Making a piece of pottery and writing calligraphy both require a lot of forethought and both processes have to be slow and steady. You need a lot of patience for both pottery and calligraphy, as well as a steady hand.”

Lauren said that she decided to make things official and start her company after receiving an influx of word-of-mouth business over the summer. Friends and coworkers were inquiring about both her pottery and calligraphy work.

“I had thought about starting a business for a while, so I decided it was a good time to move forward with it,” she said. “Starting byLauren Creative Co. has been one of the most exciting and rewarding things I have ever done! I really enjoy making beautiful, creative, and functional pieces that make people happy and all I hope for is that I can continue to do that in the future.”

If you’re interested in working with Lauren to create a unique piece for your space or collaborate on any type of custom calligraphy order — stationery, place cards, signs, etc. — feel free to reach out to her via her website, She’s in the process of building a solid customer base (which includes yours truly, Lovepop Weddings), and is more than eager to help bring your ideas to life. Also, tune into Lauren’s social media pages to stay updated on the arrival of her upcoming Etsy shop.

We can’t wait to feature Lauren’s talent in more Lovepop Weddings projects and highly recommend you give her a follow on Instagram to watch her rise to script stardom.

Written by: Olivia Harvey
Photo via: @bylaurenlettering