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Meet Augusta Overy, a wedding designer here at Lovepop. She and the Lovepop Weddings team are always coming up with unique designs for Lovepop’s handmade cards and invitations.


Augusta’s dream wedding location: “In the mountains of Colorado.”

Guilty pleasure wedding song: “Sweet Caroline!”

Go-to wedding cocktail: “Any kind of fruity mocktail (I don’t drink).”

Augusta’s favorite part about coming into work each day is that she gets to collaborate with Lovepop’s tight-knit community to “make the most special day of a couple’s lives even more magical!” Note to anyone who wants to put Augusta in their wedding: she is not a fan of pink, poofy, ‘80s-like dresses. You’ve been warned!

Jacqueline Silva is our Print Production Intern here at Lovepop Weddings. When she’s not admiring the life-size cherry blossom sculpture at Lovepop Headquarters, she’s watching Lovepop Weddings’ invites go from concept to completion.


Jacqueline’s guilty pleasure wedding song: “Promiscuous Girl” by Nelly Furtado (feat. Timbaland)

Nightmare bridesmaid dress: “Something a bridesmaid doesn’t feel confident in!”

Biggest wedding pet peeve: “Not enough dancing!”

Jacqueline loves how Lovepop Weddings offers clubs like board game club, fun run club, and a book club. And if she had to pick a favorite from Lovepop’s repertoire of exciting cards, hers would have to be the “Party Raccoon.” Party on!

3D Design Intern Jonathan enjoys “building new prototypes and seeing people's’ reaction to them,” here at Lovepop Weddings.


Jonathan’s nightmare bridesmaid dress: “Big and white”

Dream wedding destination: “Hawaii”

Go-to wedding cocktail: “Rum and coke”

Although Jonathan isn’t a huge fan of weddings with super long ceremonies and without open bars (true!), Jonathan does enjoy how Lovepop’s meeting rooms have fun names like “Unicorn” and “Piñata.”

Julia Jiao is our lead designer here at Lovepop Weddings. She’s always grateful to be a part of a couple’s big day and make it as beautiful as it can be.


Julia’s dream wedding destination: “Croatia for the scene or Rio for the vibes.”

Taco truck or ice cream truck as a wedding snack?: “Taco truck.”

Nightmare bridesmaid dress: “Anything strapless.”

When she’s not requesting “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith from the wedding DJ, you can catch Julia sipping dirty martinis during cocktail hour.

Meet Miranda Bergeron, Lovepop Weddings' Wedding Concierge. Miranda loves seeing couples’ excitement when they unbox their wedding invitations for the first time and she’s incredibly proud of the dedication that the Lovepop team has toward creating beautiful cards — including the paper artisans in Vietnam who handcraft every single invitation.


Miranda’s go-to wedding cocktail: “I love sampling signature cocktails!”

Guilty pleasure wedding song: “Rock Your Body -- Justin Timberlake”

Nightmare bridesmaid dress: “Anything remotely potato-sack like. Yikes.”

Miranda and the Lovepop Weddings crew had the opportunity to help design their new headquarters and even got to choose the funky names their conference rooms. She and the rest of the team have truly put their heart and soul into Lovepop Weddings.

Rachael Ferrari is our Product Associate here at Lovepop Weddings. Although she’s a huge fan of going on Bubble Tea outings with the Lovepop Weddings Team, Rachael is an even bigger fan of “how we met” stories on wedding sites. And yes, she has teared up once or twice while browsing through them.


Rachael’s dream wedding destination: “The chapel where Max Miller almost married Madison in 90210. It’s this gorgeous glass chapel in California. Naomi Clark certainly knows how to plan an unforgettable event.”

Biggest wedding pet peeve: “When the lights are too bright on the dance floor! Turn down the lights, turn up the music, and have a ball.”

Go-to wedding cocktail: “Anything with champagne because at weddings I aspire to be peak Heather Dubrow from Real Housewives OC, who drinks “champs” like water and still somehow stays perfectly calm and collected. Goals.”

Rachael is particularly grateful to help play a part in couples’ real life love stories. She hopes to hear even more amazing customer feedback (which is shared throughout the entire company via a Slack channel), and continue to make couples’ wedding dreams come true.

Cassie Dewey is Lovepop Weddings’ Product Manager. The most rewarding part of Cassie’s job is the fact that she helps couples share a “special moment” with their guests via Lovepop Weddings invitations.


Taco truck or ice cream truck as a wedding snack: “Ice cream truck.”

Cassie’s go-to wedding cocktail: “Sauvignon Blanc. That way if I spill when I’m dancing you can’t tell!”

Guilty pleasure wedding song: “Anything from the ‘90s.”

When Cassie decides to tie the knot, she’s hoping to stay close to home and keep things simple and low-key. And Cassie wants to publicly apologize to the friends who made her wear that frilly bridesmaid dress — the secret’s out: she didn’t like it!