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Although some would argue that there’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to using flowers as decor, others aren’t quite on the same page. They’re in a different book, in fact. Some people are just not into flowers — and that’s totally okay. There are other ways to incorporate nature, life, and warmth into a wedding without trucking in boatloads of blooms. One way to add earthiness to your event is to work solely with greenery and leave the flowers in the garden.

Oftentimes, florists use different types of greenery as fillers in bouquets and centerpieces. Greenery is usually resigned to be the leafy lushness between the blossoms. But making greenery the star of the show adds an unexpected element to your decor, keeping the overall aesthetic understated, muted, yet warm and natural.

There are many different greens available to incorporate into your design, and the easiest way to decide which greenery works best for your event is to consult with your florist. Using greens that are commonly found in your area could potentially cut down on cost and can even make it possible for you to tackle the botanical side of your wedding yourself (we love a good DIY moment).

But if price isn’t your concern, many brides and grooms go for greens like myrtle, eucalyptus, ivy, and olive leaves to decorate their venues. And each evoke a certain feel — eucalyptus is usually a solid muted green and therefore has a minimalist vibe. Ivy is sprawling and has a certain regalness to it. And olive leaves are crisp and symbolize peace.

Mixing and matching several greens can spice up your scheme. Couples who are going for a forest-like feel might want to load up on leaves, placing sprigs on tables, tying them to chairs, draping them from ceilings, etc. On the other hand, minimalists might prefer single sprays at place settings or a small grouping of branches as a centerpiece.

Work with your florist to think outside the box. You may not like when flowers are the center of attention, but tucking a bit of white like Baby’s Breath or white roses, or even blooms like green hydrangea, carnation, or Chrysanthemum, into your greenery displays can add texture and break up the solid green.

Similarly, you can also get creative with both green and colored succulents. Not only do these hearty little plants look amazing tucked into bouquets, but they also make awesome guest favors.

Literally going green for your wedding eliminates potential color chaos and keeps your aesthetic fresh and modern while paying homage to tradition. And, when done right, your guests will leave your wedding green with envy (the good kind of envy, that is).

Written by: Olivia Harvey