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Here’s How To Have A Classy Bachelorette Party

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the bride-to-be without exceeding three tequila shots or hiring male strippers (unless that’s really her thing). It all comes down to picking the right environment and the right decor....

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Are Wedding Subscription Boxes Worth Broadening Our Budget For?

From fashion to foods to books and beauty products, there’s truly a subscription box for everything — even for brides-to-be. But when you’re planning a large scale event, is a subscription box something you’d want to shell out more moolah for?...

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6 Ways To Destress During Wedding Planning, So You Can Chill

The logistics of wedding planning are vital to actually making it to the actual day. But in the meantime, here are some feasible, simply ways to destress during wedding planning. Time to chill....

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Should You Have An Engagement Party? Here Are The Pros and Cons

If you recently got engaged, you may be wondering what the deal with engagement parties is. Should you have an engagement party? Are they required? Are they antiquated? Or are they just a great excuse for a party?...

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5 Tips For Getting The Best Engagement Photos Ever

We’re living in the age of Instagram, and getting engagement photos taken of you and your partner is a pretty normal thing to do these days. There are really simple steps you can take to make taking engagement photos less stressful — and possibly even enjoyable....

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How To Throw An Epic Bridal Shower For The Bride-To-Be

Bridal showers can feel like another box you have to check in the months leading up to a wedding, especially if you’re the Maid of Honor. So how do you throw a bridal shower for the bride-to-be that people will actually want to attend? (Oh, and, of course, that the bride will actually enjoy.)...