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5 Important Wedding Etiquette Tips According To Emily Post

But beyond “please,” and “thank you,” weddings involve more classic etiquette than your typical event. There are dress codes, paper invitations, and people bestowing you with large sums of money. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. At least not before you check out these wedding etiquette tips from Emily Post....

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Here's How To Handle Inviting Coworkers To Your Wedding

Workplace etiquette and wedding etiquette are both complicated enough to navigate on their own, but when you the two overlap, things can get super messy. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. There will inevitably be conversations at work about your engagement and subsequently, wedding plans....

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Here’s Why You Need To Send Save-The-Dates Out If You’re Getting Married

Save the Dates are a helpful tool to get you rolling on the wedding planning process and help you keep your sanity later....

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Here's Exactly What To Include On Your Wedding Website To Get Your Guests Ready For The Big Day

You’ve planned so many details for your big day, but do they all belong on the internet?...

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The Ultimate Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide

Which wedding are you more likely to go to: the one with the embossed invite, or the one with the Sans Serif mass Gmail? From crafting the language you use to addressing the envelopes, there’s a lot to consider....

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette Lessons We Can Learn From Meghan Markle

With the lead-up to the Royal Wedding 2.0 underway, we cannot wait to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry head down the aisle....