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6 Items You Shouldn’t Put On Your Wedding Registry

Lovepop Weddings is on pause but you can always make everyday magical moments with us at Explore hundreds of beautiful pop-up cards and products to make every occasion and milestone unforgettable...

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7 Wedding Registry Items That Every Couple Should Check Out

The best wedding registry items are things you’ve probably dreamed of, but maybe have never felt adult enough to buy. (Here’s lookin’ at you, KitchenAid!)...

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Are Wedding Subscription Boxes Worth Broadening Our Budget For?

From fashion to foods to books and beauty products, there’s truly a subscription box for everything — even for brides-to-be. But when you’re planning a large scale event, is a subscription box something you’d want to shell out more moolah for?...

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6 Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas Your Guests Will Love

A destination wedding means a lot more planning on the part of your guests. Travel, taking off of work, and hotels are all part of the mix for them too. The best way to greet them upon arrival? A destination wedding welcome bag full of destination-specific treats for your loved ones to enjoy....

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What To Get The Newlyweds Besides A Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

If you’d rather take a step outside of the box and wow you newlywed friends with something a bit more unexpected, we have a few ideas that will ensure you’ll win the gift-giving game....