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Meet The Lovepop Weddings Team!

Meet the men and women behind the gorgeous invitations....

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3 Excuses To Post Wedding Photos On Instagram Post-Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you have every right to post a zillion photos. But hey, if you’re worried about looking self-involved by posting too many pics, all you need is a great excuse to post your wedding photos on Instagram, even if it happens to be two or three months later....

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What Your Day-Of Wedding Planner Wishes You Knew

A day-of planner (or coordinator) is literally just what the job title implies: they’re hired to make sure things go right on your wedding day....

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette Lessons We Can Learn From Meghan Markle

With the lead-up to the Royal Wedding 2.0 underway, we cannot wait to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry head down the aisle....