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"Cheapest Weddings" Is The Show You Need To Watch Right Now

This unscripted show was not just about cheap weddings, but about Australia’s cheapest weddings. Accents, Aussies, and absolutely zero budget to plan a wedding? I was all in....

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Custom Wedding Shoes Are The New "Something New" You Need To Know About

Purchasing a fantastic pair of wedding shoes can be just as important as choosing the dress itself. And if you opt to customize your own pair for your big day, you might end up shortening your gown’s skirt and showing off your one-of-a-kind “something new.”...

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These Are The Most-Banned Wedding Songs And We're *Mostly* On Board

Let’s be real — whether you’re the bride or the Homecoming Queen, the “Cotton Eyed Joe” dance isn’t really a good look on anyone....

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This Couple Lived The Real-Life "The Wedding Date" And Their Story Has Us Weeping

Here’s our elevator pitch for the next great romcom: Girl needs date to wedding where her ex is a groomsman. Girl makes a Craigslist ad to find said date. Boy responds. Girl ends up falling for boy and we end the flick with the girl and boy tying the knot....

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This Company Makes Sure Your Pet Is On Time To Your Wedding

Include your beloved pet in the most special day of your life with a new service geared towards incorporating your furry friends into your big day without the stress....

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These Cotton Wedding Gowns Are Made For Summer Brides Who Love Style And Breathability

There’s a lot of magic to behold at a summer wedding. But if a bride is bound up in a dress that’s making her sweat bullets, that magic can quickly turn into somewhat of a nightmare....