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Are Wedding Subscription Boxes Worth Broadening Our Budget For?

From fashion to foods to books and beauty products, there’s truly a subscription box for everything — even for brides-to-be. But when you’re planning a large scale event, is a subscription box something you’d want to shell out more moolah for?...

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How To Win The Floral Bridesmaid Dress Trend

While roaming around Pinterest and Instagram, gathering inspiration for your upcoming nuptials, you’ve probably stumbled upon photos of bridal parties sporting patterned dresses. It’s a cool and fresh look for your big day, and we’re kind of all about this trend....

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Meet The Mind Behind byLauren Creative Co. — The Local Script Artist You Need To Know About

Meet Lauren, an exceptionally talented Boston-based calligrapher who is here to write some beautiful words for you and your guests....

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3 Excuses To Post Wedding Photos On Instagram Post-Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you have every right to post a zillion photos. But hey, if you’re worried about looking self-involved by posting too many pics, all you need is a great excuse to post your wedding photos on Instagram, even if it happens to be two or three months later....

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4 Real Wedding DIY Projects That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

So you’re throwing a wedding, but you don’t want to drop your entire life savings on one night of partying. Excellent choice. So, how do you do it? Wedding DIY projects, of course....

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Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Joint Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

The pros and cons of a joint bachelorette or bachelor party are good to consider, but it’s 2018. Joint stag and hen parties are certainly happening. (And yes, I like to call them that on this side of the Atlantic.)...