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Here's How To Deal With Difficult Wedding Guests, According To An Expert

When big groups of family and friends get together and there’s free flowing booze in the mix, things can get murky. Having a plan in place for how to deal with difficult wedding guests is a great idea....

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10 Little Details That Will Make Your Bridal Suite So Special

There’s something genuinely magical about getting ready with friends. It’s nostalgic. It’s ritualistic. Is there a more quintessential bonding activity amongst new friends at college than getting ready for a night out together?...

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We'll Help You Decipher Wedding Dress Codes To Make Sure You Arrive In Style

Your pals are getting married and you’re stoked to celebrate their big day with them. But there’s just one little thing that’s bogging you down — what am I supposed to wear? You might be surprised at the number of different dress codes available for brides and grooms to choose from....

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6 Ways To Destress During Wedding Planning, So You Can Chill

The logistics of wedding planning are vital to actually making it to the actual day. But in the meantime, here are some feasible, simply ways to destress during wedding planning. Time to chill....

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How To Win The Floral Bridesmaid Dress Trend

While roaming around Pinterest and Instagram, gathering inspiration for your upcoming nuptials, you’ve probably stumbled upon photos of bridal parties sporting patterned dresses. It’s a cool and fresh look for your big day, and we’re kind of all about this trend....

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5 The Best Wedding Shows To Get You Inspired

There’s nothing better than watching TV shows about weddings when you’re actually getting married. Plus, let’s be real, Netflix is a great way to wind down from your planning responsibilities when you’re starting to stress out....