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How To Host A Wedding In Your Backyard

How lovely would it be to skip the cost of a wedding venue when budgeting for your wedding? Pretty darn lovely, right? That’s why many couples with access to a beautiful home end up considering a backyard wedding. It’s cheaper, it’s personal, and it’s easy, right? Well, not always....

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How To Stay Stress-Free On Your Wedding Day

It’s finally here — the morning of your wedding. You’re about to live the best day of your life. So why are you feeling so anxious all of a sudden? It’s entirely normal to feel a wave of stress on your wedding day. The key is to know how to cope with wedding day stress in the moment....

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7 Wedding Brunch Ideas That Your Guests Are Sure To Love

Hosting a great brunch the morning after your wedding is easier than you think. All you need is a solid food spread, an easy commute for your guests, and at least one breakfast cocktail on the menu....

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6 Creative Ways To Serve Drinks During Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is a moment to breathe, snack, and most importantly, drink. If you really want to delight your thirsty guests, we’ve got you covered. There are so many creative ways to serve drinks at your cocktail hour....

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5 Best Wedding Transportation Ideas For Your Wedding Party

The easiest way to ensure an event runs smoothly and feels like a party is to have really unique and fun transportation in place. Yes, we’re talking about your wedding day....

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Get The Tissues Ready — These Are 5 Of The Best Wedding Videos On YouTube

There’s just something so wonderful about seeing two people vow to love each other until death do they part while surrounded by friends and family. We’re getting choked up just thinking about it....