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Your wedding day is an occasion ripe for glowing up. (You are a goddess, after all.) And while a glass of Pinot Noir will certainly give you some type of glow, the glowiest day of your life should be reflected on your face for other reasons. Of course, you’ll be radiating at the sight of your soon-to-be forever partner. But you’ll also want your skin to glow. (Because let’s be real, there will be serious photography of your face going on.) But when do you start using face masks before your wedding, and how do you know when to use which ones?

Of all of the body parts, of course the most visible one comes with some of the most sensitive skin. Naturally, leading up to your wedding, it’s tempting to want to mitigate any risk of the Mt. Rushmore of pimples by applying face mask you can get your hands on. However, you also don’t want to overwhelm your delicate skin with too many different ingredients.

So that you don’t end up scarring your face from some terrifying at-home face peel the night before your wedding, Lovepop Weddings spoke to dermatologist Dr. Margo Weishar of Springhouse Dermaesthetics to give you a timeline of what face masks and treatments to use and when. Here it is.

6+ Months Before The Wedding

Don’t stress about face masks just yet, because you’ve got plenty of time to test new products out. Now’s the time to hit up a Korean beauty shop and buying face masks because they come in that cute panda shape. You have plenty of time to correct your skin if anything goes awry. However, if you want to do any Botox or filler treatments, this is the time to get started.

When it comes to Botox or filler, “I would suggest a trial run about 6 months before the wedding so you can be sure that you live the results for your big day,” says Dr. Weishar. “Then you can schedule another treatment about a month before the wedding so it will be fresh and at its most active for the wedding day.” She adds that it’s important to be conservative if you’ve never tried Botox before.

4-6 Months Before The Wedding

Dr. Weishar adds that a fresh, glowing natural skin look is in for brides. This look can be achieved by laser treatments “One of the most versatile treatments is called the Clear and Brilliant laser,” she says. “This treatment can help to even out tone, improve pore size, and plump up collagen. Collagen takes time to build so best results come from multiple treatments every 2 to 4 weeks for between 3 and 6 treatments, depending on the individual goals.”

2 Months Before The Wedding

Bring on the masks! Dr. Weishar explains that while she hasn’t done any side-by-side scientific tests on face masks, she does recommend certain masks for her clients regularly. About eight weeks before your wedding, she recommends you start with the Infinite Resurfacing Mask from African Botanics. “A great refining mask with alpha and beta glycolics, antioxidants, and hydration,” she explains. “Also from all organic sources.” You can use it weekly to glow up that skin in advance.

One Month To One Week Before The Wedding

While you’re using your resurfacing mask regularly, you can consider other treatments as well. “As it gets close to the wedding day you will want to stay away from any treatments that could produce bruising, redness or take time to heal,” warns Dr. Weishar. “One of the best options is Dermalinfusion. This unique treatment combines light diamond head microdermabrasion with an infusion into the skin of a customized serum.” It gives you a plumper, glowing look. “This treatment can be used to improve breakouts, hydration of the skin, pigmentation and infuse antioxidants for stressed out skin,” she adds. “It can be done up to the week before the wedding.”

The Days Leading Up To Your Wedding

Nobody wants a dry face on their big day. (Though it won’t be dry for long, as you’ll certainly wet it with tears.) Dr. Weishar recommends Nuvesse Deep Hydrating Mask for the weeks leading up to your wedding, even the night before your wedding. “[It’s] very hydrating for the skin with high levels of hyaluronic acid,” she explains. “On skin analysis the skin appears 7-10 years younger after putting on moisturizer. So this mask can supercharge your moisture right before the wedding.” She also recommends bringing it on your honeymoon with you, so you can diminish the dying effects of being on an airplane.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett