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Weddings are a particular type of event. It’s possible that no other event in your lifetime will require as much planning, have as much consequence, and still come with so many surprises as your wedding. No matter how meticulously you’ve planned it, there’s no way to capture what getting married is really going to feel like until that special Saturday arrives. So in the spirit of preparation — and because it’s a romantic question to ask — Lovepop Weddings asked seven brides and grooms, “What was the best part of your wedding day?”

Assuming your wedding isn’t a complete disaster, this is a very tough question to answer. Like picking your favorite ice cream flavor, there are so many wonderful parts during a day — or weekend — dedicated to celebrating you and your partner’s love with friends and family. The best part could be the exchange of vows and seeing the love on your partner’s face shining before you, or it could honestly be finally getting to eat a huge slice of delicious cake that was definitely worth the price tag. And now, here are some real brides and grooms on exactly what they felt the best part of their wedding day was.

1. This Bride Loved Seeing Her Friends And Family’s Faces

“Just got married this past April and hands down my favorite part of our wedding day was turning around and seeing everyone’s faces after we kissed and were pronounced husband and wife. It was such an overwhelming energy and emotion that we felt together and then were able to share with the room of close friends and family. First dance was pretty amazing too; I felt lost on the dance floor with just each other but so much energy and people watching.”

Steph Freas, Media And Marketing Professional

2. This Groom Loved Getting The First Look At His Bride

“I'm from India and weddings in India are very vibrant and colorful. My favorite part of the wedding day is seeing my family together and most importantly the first look of my bride which was totally mesmerizing. Mine is arranged marriage where we met through the online matrimonial website and during our meetings we liked each other and finally said ‘Yes.’”

Ramesh Singh of BBazaar Malaysia

3. This Bride Loved That Moment Alone

“As a bride, my favorite part of my wedding day was right after the ceremony, when my new husband and I had a moment alone together. We just looked at each other, beaming, and said ‘We did it!’ Then we kissed — not for the camera or our crowd of friends/family members, for us. And that kiss was incredibly romantic and filled with love, promise, and caring.”

Christy Foley, Co-Owner of Great Husband Guide and Great Wife Guide

4. This Bride Loved The Ride From The Ceremony To The Reception

“My favorite part of the wedding day was in the limo between my ceremony and the reception when my bridal party surprised me by singing "She's Your Queen To Be" from the 1988 classic comedy flick "Coming to America."

Anne Szustek Talbot, Director of Content

5. This Bride Enjoyed Her First Look Best

“I got married almost 10 years ago, but I think even with all of the tech changes that have happened since 2009, my favorite part of the day would still be the first look. My advice to new brides and grooms would be to have a first look and let your photographer capture that immediate reaction. But most importantly, keep at least 5 to 10 minutes to yourselves with absolutely no one else around. The next time you'll be alone is after the day is over and you'll be exhausted. Reserve your best smiles for each other, first.”

Lesley Smith, Strategist at the wedding app Ceremony

6. This Bride Thought Spending Time With Her Bridal Party Ruled

“The best part of my wedding day was right before it all kicked off. Spending the morning with my bridesmaids. It was great having my hair and makeup done, drinking champagne and giggling with my girl friends. It was the least stressful part of the day!”

Laura from

7. This Bride Loved The Time Spent With Both Families

“Seeing both of our families in one place. It is the first and probably the last time that all of our loved ones will have been in the same place to meet and celebrate! Also the pictures and the laughs from our time in the garden.”


Written by: Kimmy Foskett