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It’s 2018, and society has come a long way in terms of body positivity. But let’s be real — the fashion industry is still rather prohibitive of bodies that haven’t historically been featured in the September issue. Ugh. The good news? More designers are learning to embrace all shapes and sizes. The better news? Wedding designers are adopting this inclusive mindset as well. The best size inclusive wedding dress designers know that just as there’s no such thing as a “beach body,” there’s also no such thing as a “bride body.” There are just bodies that decide to get married and then are subsequently brides. It’s simple.

If you’re a woman with a body who is at all worried about dealing with a boutique owner reminiscent of that scenes in Bridesmaids — yes, that scene — telling you that a particular dress “only goes up to a size 12,” it’s OK, because here in this article, there will be absolutely none of that. Not only are the designers on this list size inclusive, they’re really talented at what they do. They just know that making dresses in more than five sizes is a very normal thing to do! This list is here to do is to help you find an excellent dress that you feel great about yourself in, because if you don’t feel great on your wedding day, what’s point?


Have you always dreamed of designing your very own wedding gown? Did you grown up sketching that tube top, bedazzled wedding number because it was the 1990s and you were certain butterfly clips were in your bridal hair future? Then you must check out Anomalie. (And no, not because their designs are at all reminiscent of the 1990s.) The company allows you to work with a stylist to design your dress from start-to-unboxing. The whole process takes about six months, so schedule a consult as soon as you can!

Schone Bride

Rebecca Schoneveld knows what up when it comes to her incredibly size inclusive Brooklyn boutique. Both her hand-crafted gowns and the independent designers she stocks come in a range of different sizes, up to a size 22. Schone Bride even carries sample sizes on the floor of its boutique over a size 10. (Which, for the record, should be the norm.) And if you’re not in New York, her designs have been sold at The Senti­mentalist in Atlanta, Detroit Bridal House in Detroit, and A & Bé Bridal Shop in Denver.

Eloquii for Stone Fox Bride


Yes, everyone’s heard of Stone Fox Bride, but have you checked out the Eloquii collaboration? If you’re looking for something vintage-inspired and bohemian, make sure to see the collection for yourself. Even if you don’t find your perfect dress, the rest of Stone Fox Bride’s offerings and accessories may be just what you’re looking for on your special day.


That’s right, why not go classic and check out what Kleinfeld has to offer. The storied megaboutique has an ample plus-size collection. The website is organized so that you can see all dresses that come in inclusive sizes at once, but a trip to the store is even better. There’s a good chance you’ll say yes to the dress if you work with Kleinfeld.

Written by: Kimmy Foskett